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Who are they and for whom are they waiting?

06-15-2013_0Here’s a happy bunch.  I took this shot at Zandvoort in 1982, shortly after F1 qualifying for the Dutch GP.   Next on the race card that afternoon:  the Formula Ford 2000 race.  It was Domingos Piedade (far right) who co-erced us all into watching a young Brazilian called Ayrton Senna da Silva.  Domingos was at that point best-known for being Emerson Fittipaldi’s manager but, behind the scenes, he was also co-starting a company called AMG (as in Mercedes).  I’d seen Ayrton racing FF1600 in the UK so needed no persuasion.  Domingos did a good job with some of the others, though.  From left to right:  Franco Lini (former FerrariF1 Team Manager and excellent Autosprint journalist);  Charlie Chrichton-Stuart (former race-winning F3 driver and close friend of Frank Williams);  Patrick Head (no intro needed); Nick Brittan (former kart and FVee racer, Autosport columnist, rally organizer and manager of Jody Scheckter); Alan Henry (Motoring News); and Nigel Roebuck (Autosport).  I remember Ayrton being incredibly precise and definite through that corner (Hunze Rug), although his curious on-off throttle application was evident event then.  Either way, there was no doubt that we were watching a major star of the future.  The following year I took the shot below of Ayrton at F3 Thruxton, where he was driving Dick Bennetts’ Ralt.  It’s not the greatest shot in the world, but it shows, I think, the intensity that Ayrton displayed whenever he was in a racing environment.06-15-2013_12

Being Sir John

I’ve given up waiting for John Surtees to be awarded a knighthood so I’m just going to go ahead and call him “Sir John”  from here on in.  Anyone who can drive and engineer F1 cars as well as he did – and  win World Championships on both two wheels and four – deserves to be a Lord in my book, let alone a Knight.  Accentuating the theme, I came across this photo in the files the other day: it’s of me wearing Sir John’s 1964 Championship-winning Everoak helmet, taken in the house of Gert Kramer in 1984.  Gert is a friend who used to work for Daimler Benz; and, as you can see from the other photo, he has/had one of the best F1 driver helmet collections in the world.  Senna?  Prost? Reutemann?  No problem.  And, yes:  that is Nigel and Rosanne Mansell there with Stefan Johansson.06-15-2013_3506-15-2013_34

When smiling came naturally

Here’s the Gitanes Ligier team de-brief at Imola in 1981.  The excellent Jacques-Henri Laffite is having a laugh, as ever, and that’s his team-mate and brother-in-law, Jean-Pierre Jabouille, stepping out of the “motorhome”.  Jean-Pierre was very into Supertramp, as I recall.  And I think that’s the team’s sponsorship/PR manager, Danny Hindenock, with his feet up on the chair.  Danny I believe was the first guy to wear Timberland deck shoes in F1.  Quite a breakthrough in the style department.  That may be the F3 comingman, Philippe Alliot, having a drink, and the gorgeous item on the left is Rene Arnoux’s girl-friend, Pascale.  Not sure what she was doing there with the wrong team, but I’m sure Jacques Laffite had everything under control. Just for good measure, here’s another picture (lower, below) of Pascale, this time (1983) where she should be – having lunch with Rene and Mauro Forghieri under the Ferrari truck awning.  Note Patrick Tambay’s helmet on the right of the picture and the Timberland sneaker on the left…06-15-2013_806-15-2013_18

When Ayrton first drove for Williams

I took this shot of Frank Williams and Ayrton Senna shortly before Ayrton’s first F1 drive – his Williams FWO8C test at Donington in July, 1983.  There was no thought of an official “media announcement” or anything like that – both of them actually needed quite a lot of persuasion to pose by the race truck!  Note Ayrton’s Porsche t-shirt06-15-2013_24

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