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The new cars arrive…

New regulations for 2017 mean new F1 cars from all the teams.  At first glance, thanks to tighter restrictions dictating front- and rear-wing shape, they’re looking ever-more similar; delve deeper, as Craig Scarborough does in the  adjoining videos, and significant differences between the cars are still apparent. With their wider Pirelli tyres and increased downforce, the 2017 cars will be much quicker around corners and will require shorter braking distances; on the downside, they’re much heavier – to the absurd realm of actually weighing more than my road car; they’ll be slower on the straights; and they will promote fewer overtaking opportunities. Why the latter?  Members of the F1 rule-making committee merely reply: “It wasn’t one of our considerations this time around.  We were simply commissioned to make the cars quicker.”

That bout of hand-washing aside, here’s a look at some of the new cars testing at Barcelona this week:

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