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Born in the UK (1952) but raised in Sydney, Australia, Peter became Press Officer of the Australian Automobile Racing Club (AARC) at the age of 17 and played an active role in the organization of the famous Warwick Farm circuit near Liverpool, Sydney.  At that point he also began writing for various magazines around the world, including Australian Motoring News and Autosport (UK).

After moving to the UK in 1972, Peter wrote for Competition Car magazine and was appointed Sports Editor of Autocar magazine in 1975.  He went on to win five international awards for his writing, including Sports Reporter of the Year and Feature Writer of the Year.  In 2013 he has also been awarded the Gold Medal of Imola by the Lorenzo Bandini Trophy Committee for his services to motor sport.  Peter quickly diversified into F1 driver and team management, working with Frank Williams from 1978 onwards (developing Williams’ new Saudi sponsorship) and with drivers Carlos Reutemann and Nigel Mansell.  Reutemann went on to finish runner-up in the 1981 World Championship and Mansell to win the title in 1992.  Today he works closely with the world’s pre-eminent driver coach, Rob Wilson.

Peter joined Williams full-time in 1985 as Manager of Sponsorship and Public Affairs but switched to Ferrari in 1989 to manage their UK F1 facility.  He then returned to Williams as Team Manager in 1991, winning both the Constructors’ and Drivers’ World Championships.

Turning to TV, Peter reported for Sky Sports from 1993-97 and joined Fox Sports Net as their F1 specialist in 1998.  Predominantly under the Newscorp banner, he presented F1 on TV through to 2009, working for Speedvision, SpeedTV, HD1 (Australia) and FOM TV.  Peter was Grand Prix Editor of F1 Racing magazine from 1997-2009 and today is that magazine’s Senior Feature Writer and Columnist.  He also writes for the BRDC Bulletin and AutoSport (Japan) and presents news, views and interviews on his ultra-successful YouTube Channel (

Peter is also a much sought-after speaker and presenter and in the past decade has hosted events for Intel, Hilton, WilliamsF1, LotusF1, Honda, Qinetiq, Lenovo, Porsche, Renault, Toyota; Grand Prix Tours; ING; Formula One Management (Global Business Conference, Shanghai; 2007 F1 Festival, Abu Dhabi);  the FIA (2005-06-07-08 Prizegiving Ceremonies, Monaco); Synovate, ConvaTec, Blackberry, Sportsnet and Ciena. He has also delivered keynote speeches at several major conference events away from F1 environment, most notably for HP (IT Conference, Canary Islands);  CeBIT (Hamburg);  ENSA (Munich), Tenix (Melbourne) and various IT events (Budapest, Amsterdam).

Recent testimonials:

“The talk was fantastic.  We’ve had many positive feedback notes from our clients” – Sportsnet

“Thanks for making today’s event a huge success in every respect” – The Candy Store

“We got a lot of positive feedback from our team last night.  A number of folks commented on how ‘human’ you were.  Overall you made a big contribution to the success of our event” – Synovate

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  1. Peter, in your excellent Goodwood Graphics pics, one is of Denny’s CanAm trumpets, but it appears to show 7 of them. Huh? Was that not an 8 cyl engine?

  2. I can’t swear to it, but I am almost certain it is there – a smaller trumpet, hidden on the left by the taller ones. I had only a few secs to take the pic before they covered it up!

  3. Peter, like yourself,i was also a huge fan of Jim Clark,i was 21 and living in Adelaide when he was killed and i was devastated,having followed his career through my formative years and apprenticeship,( motor mechanic).i moved back here to my native Scotland in 1976 (we,the family,had been ten pound poms back in 1952),been here ever since.i live about 35 miles from Duns etc and was driving through Chirnside with the misus last week on the annual pilgrimmage. immagine my horror to see the Ian Scot Watson memorial clock tower to Jimmy,vandalised big time! Any idea whats happening there ? The clockface and workings are missing, just a big round hole,with wiring and a pink plastic carrier bag,blowing in the breeze. Come to think of it, the general appearance of the high street is shabby now. I cant believe the lack of respect though,with the memorial,i wonder if Ian knows about this. cheers, ken.

  4. You’re correct about the clock tower. I’m currently working with a group of friends to try to put together a plan to raise some money in order to have it fully restored. As you say, it’s astonishing that some people can be so disrespectful.

  5. Ken…… a group of Lotus owners we have approached Chirnside Council with the offer of paying to renovate the clock tower
    They have accepted the offer and I am waiting for estimates.
    I been waiting two weeks now since the inspection by local artisans.
    The clock in in Edinburgh being repaired…we have offered to pay for that too.
    It is a sad state of affairs also that what is a tourist attraction should be so neglected
    There is a thought that Duns getting the Jim Clark Room cause petty resentmemt in Chirnside !

  6. Estimate £25oo…………money raised as of today £1705
    Work starts Oct 30th.

  7. Excellent stuff. You’re a star, Michael.

  8. Work completed (and paid for) in Chirnside……….clock re-hung

    All good for our visit in May next year

  9. kcrossle on said:

    Pretty sure that Michael Turner Indianapolis print is 1965. Giveaway is the paint job on the following Lotus. Matches

  10. Ago on said:

    Hiya Peter, happy to read you again (I used to read your previous blog “the race driver” if I remember well.
    Thanks for sharing all your precious memories with us, they are a pleasure to read, and also a great source of information…
    On that matter I posted one of your pics (with unambiguous reference to your blog indeed) on Lionel Froissart’s blog…
    On the picture (81 Imola Laffite, Jabouille….) he said the guy sipping a drink is not Philippe Alliot but (quote) “Jean Pierre Aujoulet alors responsable du sponsoring de la Seita”
    Best regards

  11. Many thanks. Will change!

  12. Dave Knipe on said:

    Peter – don’t know a) if this is an appropriate post or b) if you’ve seen it already but there is some wonderful 8mm film in 3 parts focused around – but not exclusively – on Jo Sieffert available at Vimeo.

  13. Ken Elvery on said:

    Much enjoyed your interview with Alistair Caldwell – particularly his fund of racing stories. From March 1971 – December 1975 I was the Gulf Oil racing products liaison engineer in Europe, responsible for the lubricants and fuels production, and circuit use and analysis. This covered the Gulf-Porsche 917’s in 1971, the Gulf-Mirage team from 1972-75 and of course the McLaren F1 team from 1971-75 for whom Gulf was the lubricants and fuels product sponsor. I had the pleasure of visiting the McLaren HQ on several occasions, to determine each year the annual product requirements and arrange supplies to the various F1 races. I met Teddy Meyer, Tyler Alexander and probably Alistair as well. In addition I attended several races, including a Race of Champions at Brands Hatch where I also met the drivers, Denny Hulme and Peter Revson. By the way, I remain in regular contact with John Horsman, former Director of Engineering Development at Gulf Research Racing at Slough. Great memories of those years.

    Ken Elvery,

  14. Dan Cole on said:

    Peter, I have a question concerning the Monaco Grand Prix. Has the start/finish line moved over the years from its current location. In some older photos of the start it appears to be in its current location, in others it looks like it was on the straight before the pool complex was constructed, turn 1 would then be Rascasse instead of St. Devote. Is this correct of am I wrong?


    Dan Cole
    Billings, MT USA

  15. There was a big first corner (Gasworks Hairpin) accident in 1962 so for 1963 the start was moved over to the other sides of the pits, approximately where it is today. The thinking was that a faster corner (pre-chicane Ste Devote) would be less accident-conducive than a tight hairpin. (Mind you, no-one had heard of Derek Daly at that point!) The start remained in that position despite the addition of the swimming pool section in 1973.

  16. Dan Cole on said:

    Thanks! That’s explains its. I honestly had never noticed until I started closely looking at old photos. Good stuff.

  17. Dan Cole on said:

    Hello Peter,

    With all the crazy new rules like, double points, etc. Why not do something to really spice it up and let the Indy 500 and Le Mans 24 Hours be “optional” points paying races for a team to compete in. Then have a huge $$$$$ prize for a driver that wins all three in a season. Its never been done, closest being Graham Hill, or Juan Pablo Montoya.

    Just a random thought like the double points deal.

    Merry Christmas from Montana.

  18. Great idea, Dan. Sadly the F1 teams would reject it out of sight on the basis that it would hurt F1’s image as the pinnacle of motor sport (so it says here!). Instead, they’re resorting to pretty tacky and childish add-ons to “improve” the show.

  19. Dunno if this is the right place to ask this question but when Rob talks about ‘smooth’ driving and inputs to the car not wanting to ask too much of the tyres is this not in contradiction to the ultra smooth drivers such as Button etc who often can’t turn the tyres ‘on?’ Can it actually benefit lap time to be more aggressive in some circumstances? I know it’s far more complicated than that but I’d love to hear a bit about it. It’d be amazing if you and Rob could discuss this in a blog. Do any of his current drivers seek assistance in how to overcome this? What’s his advice? Is it just car set up that can solve these issues? I’m really interested to know/understand more about this issue. Cheers. (Also, I’ve read every autosport since 1994 and thought that’d cover everything i needed but finding TRE has been a revelatio- absolutely brilliant! So thankyou,)

  20. Rob likes to “reduce the spikes” in the driving – and within that context always maintains that “shorter corners”, with low minimum-speed rotations, are better than “corners that go on too long”, albeit with higher mid-corner minimum speeds. Although Jenson has very few spikes in his driving, he has always proscribed very long corners with wide, open entries, geometrical apices and relatively high minimum speeds. Jenson is a very smooth version of Jean-Eric Vergne. Alonso, Bottas, Raikkonen and Vettel drive at the other extreme. All are very smooth, as you say.

  21. Rainer on said:

    Hi Peter, Would you be interested in answering a few questions about the media coverage of the Michael Schumacher ski accident.

    I’ve already interviewed Gary Hartstein for my university case study and your opinion would be greatly appreciated.


  22. Thanks, but I’m not really the right person for this. I don’t actually spend a lot of time reading or watching “the media”, as such.

  23. OK. Thanks for getting back to me >

  24. Rich T on said:

    Peter, enjoyed your videos with Rob Wilson, i heard you say he smoked. i quit smoking after 17 yrs and wanted to pass it on to you for Rob: tobacco flavored e-cig juice with eGo batts and Vision 2.0 clearos. Easy to change the heads too.
    just have to find a flavor and nic conc he likes. my lungs feel great and i’m just healthier

  25. André on said:

    Hello Peter. Your work with the Racer’s Edge and before with The Flying Lap were great, and just the sort of thing that Formula 1 needs. It is one of the most perfect ways to engage with the fans, capture their interest in F1 and bring F1 closer to the spectators. That is the exactly opposite of what is happening now: F1 is suffering from declining audiences and despite that, there is a new F1 website loaded of possibilities for the fans, but with a big catch: they have to pay! Really?! Is this what the bosses of F1 are proposing to the fans? More obstacles? More costs? Do they want to reinforce the “elitist” and “snob” image that F1 has by charging us to have access to basic information that could and should be free to all of us? Why should we pay to enjoy F1, especially when it’s about features on the internet. Everybody knows that F1 doesn’t profit from the internet. F1 should open up and be accessible, but they are doing the very opposite! It is so frustrating! I also suspect that the noticeable decline on video content published on the Racer’s Edge this season is a consequence of what appears to be your greater involvement with official F1 content – which we can see from a couple of free videos on F1’s website. I’m sure you are now contractually forbidden to publish free content that conflicts with what is put on F1’s website. Am I right? Is that how this is going to end? A show that was great, entertaining, informative, free and democratic being ruined by pure corporate interest on making more money? This sums up what is wrong with F1, and in many ways what is wrong with the world. The greed of a few is ruining it for all of us. All I hope is that I’m wrong.

  26. marton lyons on said:

    Peter, I truly enjoy your insight into the current state and technolgy of F1 and the history of the sport.
    I would love to see more Travels With Peter – your pieces from Manila, walking the streets at 5:30am, and your tour of Imola were fantastic. One of the things I love about F1 are all of the exotic locations, so seeing those locations and the history of F1 woven into the narrative is extremely fascinating and great to watch. I would gladly pay for a Travels With Peter channel. Keep up the great work!

  27. Sartori on said:

    Peter, what is your opinion on the engine formula and the future of Formula 1? Bernie is suggesting going back to V8’s and having 1000 bhp. I think he lost touch with reality! Sometimes I have the impression that he’s too much “old school” for the challenges that F1 faces today and his way of doing things are not the best anymore. Wouldn’t the best solution for the engines be to establish a fuel limit per season and open up the engine regulation so that the teams can come up with whatever efficient solution they want? Limiting the engines to a fixed format is frankly ridiculous. Not to mention that it was absurd to limit the development of these V6-hybrid engines – the most complicated ever – already in their first and second seasons. The much simpler V8’s had more time for development and they were basically the old V10’s minus 2 cylinders. Tell the teams “you can only use XX thousand liters of fuel per season” and the teams can choose the engine they want. Poor teams could choose to compromise practice sessions to have more fuel and use less efficient and more affordable engines until better ones become cheaper. Buy normally aspirated engines without ERS if necessary. Then there should be a road map for fuel efficiency and new targets every couple of years or so. Then teams would gain by developing greener engines and aerodynamically more efficient cars. Today’s F1 is too artificial because it tells you not only what should be achieved but also how. I also think that F1 should go back to refueling. It was more interesting to see the drivers doing 3-4 stints flat out than today’s pacing. Lighter cars are also more efficient. And DRS should be thrown out because it’s too artificial. The drivers have a “boost” button already. If the engine regulations were freed, we could see perhaps V8-hybrid-turbo engines, or V-10-hybrid-turbo, more power, more sound, albeit more efficient. Who knows? If not now, maybe in 5-10 years, but such foundation should be established.. If there weren’t not so many constraints in F1, teams would be able to afford cheaper solutions. If with so many constraints the teams are spending so much money while others struggle, why expect that freeing the regulations would make the situation even worse? And finally, Bernie, the CVC and the big teams have no alternative but to let go some of the money. Ferrari and McLaren depend on F1 as much as F1 depends on them. What’s your opinion on all of this?? Best regards and keep doing this great job you do.

  28. Lars Roxs on said:

    Dear Mr. Windsor,

    I’m working for “Romantik hotel le Val d’Ambleve” in Stavelot (Belgium).
    A guest sent us one of your YOUTUBE video about the racetrack SPA-FRANCORCHAMPS in which you also talk about our hotel.
    We would like to thank you for the very nice comments you have done about us and would like to invite you for dinner or lunch next time you are on the track.
    It would be our pleasur to have you in our house !

    Please don’t hesistate to get in touch with us !
    Best regards from Stavelot !

    PS: I know it’s not an appropriate way but I couldn’t find any other way to contact you directly.


    As a fan of formula 1 i would like to suggest a few things for 2016 which i think may help f1.
    1.the drivers rely too much on telemetry data, this needs to be reduced.
    Driver related data such as steering angle, apllication of break and throttle, response timings etc. should not be transmitted live. the computer must store this information for a period of lets say 30 second before deleting it.In case of impact the data recorded(i.e. of the past 30 sec) will not be deleted.
    2.engineers must also not be allowed to change any settings on the car from the garage. only in case of extreme problems such as rosbergs sticky throttle pedal or loss of power or a stuck gear,etc. the driver can press an emergency button giving the engineers a 5-7 min window to sort out the problem. make the engines more green and more poweful 33%(by mass) of the fuel can be bio ethanol.if the engines are correctly designed they can be more efficient and more powerful.
    4. the greener fuel would reduce CO2 emmisions. thus we can have 110 kg of fuel instaed of the current 100 kg while maybe decreasing the environmental impact. more fuel would also allow a higher fuel flow rate of 110kg/hr which would make the engines louder.
    5. during in season changes critical components such as ers and turbo compressor should be allowed to be redesigned.
    HONDA should get 45 tokens (32+13) tokens as they joined one year late and missed out on a year i.e. 32 tokens. this must be made up. they got 9 this year, 13 for next year and 10 for the year after that.
    A similar format should be followed with any new engine manufacturer. they should also be allowed to change one major component such as crankshaft or crank case etc, throughout this year
    6. manufacturers should be allowed to further advance on the ers systems. That is they can increase either the power or the duration or both(from the current spec).
    7.the cars must be lowered and allow partially blown diffusers and other ground effects and make the rear wing slimmer thereby allowing cars to follow more closely.
    8.the commercial rights money should be divided so that the smaller temas get a sliver of it.
    LOTUS AND FORCE INDIA get an additional 2.5 MILLION each for their podiums.
    MERCEDES gets 57.5 MILLION( 12.5 MILLION extra for winning the championship)
    FERRARI gets 65 MILLION.

  30. I would also like to suggest that engine manufacturers should be allowed to have different orientations of the MGU-K with the engine and gearbox

  31. JONATHAN MORAN on said:

    Mr Windsor F1 qualifying due 2 rounds 1st round two groups (based on the previews race results) even finish first 20 min run must turn in min of 5 timed laps (if more the beter) 5 lap averaged time ( if more slowest lap dumped but if 3 drivers did 4 laps and 2 did 3 flying laps the slowest of the 3 lappers goes to 22 the other 1 get 21 fastest of 3 lap avg. goes to 21) then the 4 lappers again fastest 4 lap avg gets 17 to slowest 4 lap avg 19, the 5 lappers fastest 5 of 5 lap avg go to round 2 the rest 11-14 , then the odds go same thing (then the 5 fastest 5 lap avg go to round 2 11-22 can now be figured out (got ahead of self) less the 5 mandated laps lowest flying laps to last or slowest if more than one if every one did 5 flying laps slowest to fastest avg.(now tracks like spa 4 min laps basically make i so up 2 min. in pits and you may get your minimum, amount of laps in and you may not! then see above Round 2 fastest 10 5 lap avg go 20 min with same rules for 1-10 . flying laps count when you complete lap after checker ,(both rounds) if only 1 get 4 laps that is 10th now for the incentives 11th qualifier 1 constructor point, pole 1 constructor point, who ever goes fastest lap out of the 3 20 minutes rounds of qualifying gets 1 constructor point, in the next day fastest lap of race 1 constructor point , any question feel fre to e-mail at it is about a show (A) for the track fans (B) the tv and internet or other medium viewers thanks Jon

  32. Hello, Peter

    I have written an open letter to all parties involved with the distribution of F1 about improving fan engagement and excitement within the sport on Friday’s, however, I don’t know how to get it noticed by the people in power. I was wondering if you could help me in advising where to go and talk to.

    I, truly, believe that I have an idea which benefits all parties involved from Manufacturers, FIA, FOM to fans themselves. I have talked to multiple passionate fans, they have all vigorously agreed with the idea I have, but I cannot get anyone else to pay attention to it.

    Please, could you advise me on who to email or call.

    Thank you,


  33. Peter,

    I would like to discuss a speaking engagement at the Greenbrier Concours. Can you shoot me an email so I may discuss the particulars?

    Wayne Long

  34. Michael on said:

    Hello Sir. I’ve always enjoyed and appreciated your work throughout the years I’ve been watching F1, since the early 90’s. Basically just wanted to say thank you Mr.Windsor.

    Kind regards from The Netherlands

  35. Grant Bierlmeier on said:

    Peter, is it time for driver controlled movable aero? Or is that crazy?

    Think about it.

  36. Hi Mr. Windsor. I’m Argentina journalist. Please, can make some questions about USF1 Project? Thanks you.

  37. Ryan C Spear on said:

    Watching your Sky F1 piece, ‘Lotus in Formula One’ on MTOD.

    The candid conversation is great, and the cherry on top thus far about 12-mins in:

    Clive says: “Dad was pragmatic through out.” and your response, “Spoken like a true Chapman.”

    I’m a huge fan of the era, and the ingenuity of all those involved. I’ve got a lot of respect for Clive, and all his accomplishments as well.

    Great stuff Mr. Windsor and enjoy the blog as well!

  38. Peter, odd request- 1955 f1 race non championship at Castle Combs, listed driving a Maserati is one A.N.Other.Any clue to the identity? I know Sir J.Y.S. use this ruse. I believe Motorsport Magazine one covered it. Any help would be super. Thanks so much. Burdine Estep- burt auto art@

  39. Denise Riley on said:

    Mr. Windsor: I am a nurse practitioner and my husband and I follow your Formula One coverage. Today I want to relay that I am Worried about the mole on your right eyebrow. Please have it checked by a detmologist as soon as possible . Best regards

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  44. Hi Peter, I have written a book “In the pit lane – F1 exposed” and would like to send you a copy.
    Do you have a postal address?
    Garry Sloan

  45. Hi Garry

    That’s very kind. I’d love to read it. Pls post to:
    Regent on the River
    William Morris Way
    London SW6 2UU

  46. christopher brooke on said:

    Good morning, really enjoying your words of wisdom and insight, and as you I am a Jimmy fan, having paintings, pictures, books and DVD’s to start my own library along with so much merchandise I feel at times a walking advert and make an annual pilgrimage to Duns to pay my respects. However, my first question to you isn’t about Jimmy, it’s about the recent sad loss of Sir Stirling, I always think one victory of Stirling’s is terribly overlooked by his his brilliant wins, I refer of course to the 1955 Targa Florio, where he shared a car with my favourite 50’s driver Pete, but trying to find any clips of this race and although I have MotorSport going back to 1958 and a few scattered previous ones I don’t have MS’s race report of this one – It would be great to honour the great man with a mention of this famous but unheralded race, and wasn’t it a real shame Jimmy never raced at these long distant events – that would have been special

  47. wilfred rattey on said:

    Hi Peter: I am trying to find an interview of at the 78 or 79 LBGP where Gilles was standing in or next to a Ferrari Daytona. He is definitely my favorite GP driver of all time and enjoyed the short interview since he selected three favorite cars he would own.Besides the Daytona he mentioned a 427 Cobra and “of course a GT 40”
    At that time I owned a street GT 40 so was thrilled to hear this. The car is now owned and raced by Chris MacAllister of Indianapolis and I got to drive it on the street in 2012. Chris also owns a M8F…917 Porsche…Nicki’s 1977 Ferrari Fl and Jimmy’s Lotus 49 and ran it at the Monaco Historics a few years ago. My old GT is garaged next to a Gulf DFV Mirage and Jimmy’s car; could have not have found a better buyer for my baby. Can anyone assist me in locating this vintage video? Bill

  48. Ced on said:

    Hi Peter, I’ve just spent a great 1 and a half hours watching your 6th TRE on YT… you maybe don’t realise how much pleasure you give to simple fans by being so natural and open with all your knowledge and memory sharing. Big thanks to you, sincerely.
    I just LOVE your suggestion that Ferrari could create their own championship, in the way you describe it – wow! Absolutely brilliant to just think it could happen – even though it probably never will 😉
    I’ve been busy trying to find this article you wrote in The Times about the Senna tragedy which you mention during TRE. Can’t find it. Any chance you could point me in the right direction?
    Best wishes

  49. Peter Wilkinson on said:

    Peter, I really love the stuff you’ve been doing on your various channels. Your insights are the very best out there.

    I was doing a bit of research on Jo Siffert who I always thought was underrated and came across this footage of the Targa by chance. I Thought you’d like to see this, in case you haven’t already.

  50. Rupert Bragg-Smith on said:

    Hello Mr. Windsor,
    I’m rupert bragg-smith, born in Warwick, emigrated to Canada in 1952, and then came to Nevada in 1995.

    Found America’s Corvette Advacned driving, desinged and built spring Mountain Motorsports Park in 1979.

    My home track was Mosport, where I started racing in formula fords, and still race to this day, my 50th year.

    In short, I believe Lewis Hamilton is one the greats, and when it comes the most well rounded, he is the greatest, he is one of England’s greatest emasitors.

    I am so tired of everyone slaming Lewis, because jealousy, resentmant, what ever.
    ” Sir Jackie Stewart” was the reason I began racing, but he quit, because my opinion, he was afraid for being hurt.

    That may sound calis, but I have Saxon blood in me, and that’s what feel.

    I wrote to you sometime, stating that I had written Her Majesty, requesting that Lewis be Knighted.

    Someone needs to stick up for Lewis, most people Love him, and others just wish they had talent

  51. Harvey Smith on said:


    I’m an aspiring motorsport journalist and I wondered if you were interested in an interview about your career and F1 in general.

  52. Sabelo on said:

    Mercedes may have cost George Russell a win yesterday with the botched pit stops but the coup de grace was the slow puncture after the safety car that moved him away from challenging from a race win. If one looks between Hamilton and Bottas, there seems to be few if any incidents of Hamilton running over debris compared to Bottas who has lost several races due to incidents with debris
    You have talked a lot about Lewis and Max and Le Clerc driving styles compared to Bottas. Why is there such a discrepancy in terms of their ability to avoid debris?
    I noticed behind the safety car Russell was swinging wildly in warming his Tyres was Bothas with worse Tyres was not heating them up (perhaps he doesn’t understand DAS)
    Is it possible what ruined Russell and Bottas races has to do with their driving style and tendency to slide into corners. This is not meant as criticism on both drivers but perhaps their styles lend itself to straying off the race line at corners?

  53. Aurora Marica on said:

    I saw this video on youtube and I am interested in how it is done. What is the name of the engineer who did it?

  54. Jayant Deshmukh on said:

    Hi Peter,
    I am an amateur designer, recently I got a patent on one of my rotary engine idea. I want to share the idea with F1 team for their review. I was trying to contact James Allison.but couldn’t find his contact detail on web. I shall be grateful if you could forward the below link to him/other suitable person in his team alternately kindly share his contact details on my email, thanks

  55. Samuel Godfrey on said:

    Hi Peter, I am currently studying Physiotherapy at Northumbria university and I love the F1. Being a performance coach in the F1 is my dream job and would love nothing more than to have a career in that one day. I was wondering if you had any idea of how I would go about getting into the F1 performance coach crowd or if there was anyone you could put me in touch with? It would be greatly appreciated!!!

  56. ruud on said:

    Windsor enjoys Max: “The total master of everything at the moment in F1” 07-07-2021. How fast can you change opinion as below.

    According to F1-analyst Peter Windsor Hamilton shouldn’t have received a penalty

    “They go to Copse and Max goes to the right-thinking ‘he’s not going to overtake me here anyway’. Max goes to the inside but he leaves a gap. And Lewis of course goes for that gap.” Horner was quick to radio in after the incident, saying overtaking at Copse is impossible. Windsor disagrees. “To my eye, it looked like Max thought he had closed the door well enough. And then he just focused on the corner. It might be a mirror thing, that he didn’t see that Lewis was actually there.”

    In the end, Hamilton received a ten-second time penalty, something Windsor disagrees with. “I don’t think Lewis should have got a penalty there. We just had this stunning opening lap. The point is that two cars can go into there. Maybe Max should have gone a bit wide then, but they can go through together.”

    What a crap Mr. Windsor.

    When you hit with your left front wheel ( Hamilton) the right back wheel of your competitor ( Verstappen) you are very wrong. Periot.

    Apparently everything is allowed when you’re in a tight spot!!! And then also say that Verstappen was to blame. Hamilton should have been kicked out of the game right away.
    It’s a filthy corrupt business with the FIA. You will be “punished hard”, what a joke for 10 seconds, and then say you are not to blame. It was already certain in advance, left or right, that Hamelton had to win at home. And the English public cheered during the crash. It is a horror movie. It’s outrageous what’s happening here. Any dick can know and see that the action was impossible. After all, when you cause such an attack on someone else’s life and then you just start racing again and saying nothing about it after the race, something in your brain is really not right. For anyone covering up Hamelton’s action, replay the footage in slow motion and then comment again. See if Hamelton has deservedly won the match.
    What a great feeling Hamilton and Mercedes will have to get undeserved World Cup points in a scandalous way.
    Shame on you

  57. Gary Bohrman on said:

    Peter, Team Williams changed the team principals and within weeks it turned the team around. What will it take to turn around team Haas?

  58. Darío Canó on said:

    Talking about what happen in F1.

    I’m not super fan of any sport but I used to see F1 race until get boring of seeing the same driver/car winning alone every race, this year a lest was 2 driver fighting and the end was a good one by my point of view, but reading Mercedes Benz team complain if ridiculous in a sport that a driver who is winning a race have to let his teammate pass him to win because of interest that not sport that is like a WWE show.

  59. Dwain Hamilton, MD on said:

    What a joke Formula One is becoming. I’ve been an avid fan for over twenty years and am thoroughly disappointed with the farcical conclusion to what would have been a truly epic season, perhaps one in which we will see a pure form of Motorsport for the last time. All of this focus on improving the ‘spectacle’ is manure. Easier overtaking? Go watch NASCAR or some other dull form of racing. Formula One is elite, and and every aspect of it should remain thus. This may be my last year watching…

    Hello, Peter. Dwain Hamilton, MD, here. Hope all is well with you.

  60. Keith Lloyd on said:

    Peter, how is the ‘F1 ‘cost cap’ to be policed? How can they prevent for instance, Mercedes F1 (which has the huge support of Daimler Benz) from passing a ‘problem’ they encounter to Daimler Benz for another part of the organisation to solve and then pass the solution back to Mercedes F1 free of charge thus avoiding a cost incurred by the F1 team? Perhaps a video on the cost cap machinations and its policing would be interesting

  61. Vijai on said:

    Hi Mr. Windsor,

    RE: The Deficits Ahead Video

    You stated if we thought you made a mistake in your understanding to let you know.

    The analysis of gorge Russel taking more points from lewis vs Perez taking from Max is misunderstood imo

    When a driver of “any team” takes a higher finish position, those points will be taken from all the other drivers behind the winning driver. Therefore it’s not that Russel will be taking points from lewis, it’s that Russel will be taking points from the whole field which is behind his finishing position. In the same regard if Perez took more or less points from verstappen, then it doesn’t matter, because those points are up for grabs by all drivers. In your explanation it sounds as if points were segregated between teams, but all points possible, are up for grabs as a whole racing league. Therefore if Russel takes more points, it’s that he’s taking it from the whole field, and not just lewis, and allows still for fair competition between all drivers, because all the drivers loose points if Russel finishes ahead, or Perez, or any other driver. Thereby removing the presence of segregation in your message.


  62. Christopher Schafer on said:

    Peter hello my name is chris schafer, and i recently came across your youtube channel. Absolutely live the content you provide. And i had a quick question, how should one go about submitting questions to you? Do you have a preferred format or method?

    Thank you
    Chris Schafer

  63. Remi Vannier on said:

    Mr Windsor,
    I just have seen the video where you were sharing really good footage from 1979 South African GP. I just wanted to thank you for your kind words about Gilles Villeneuve on it. I’m so sad not to have met him (too young for that 😉), but sad also not to be a real english spoken because I regret not to be able to have had the pleasure to listen to you when I look at F1 at television. I totally agree with your comments on the vidéo. Many thank you for that. I will follow your work for now.

  64. Edward Hartel on said:

    Dear Peter,

    Having worked for the father of Arie Luyendijk, Jan Lammers, Michael Bleekemolen, Bridgestone Motorsport (DTM MB) and Cees Doorakkers GP500 and a devoted car & motorbike racing enthousiast also having build the first racing car for Jos Verstappen, but I must say the way the current F1 cars are running is far away from how I would like to see the F1 cars.

    This is what Stefan Johansson wrote about F1 in 08/2019 and I must say I fully agree with him:
    Stefan Johansson: “Without a doubt, the number one thing that we need to fix is the cars. There are four elements, basically: reduce downforce drastically; increase horsepower drastically; give the teams options on what kind of engine technology they want to run, and by doing so, allow car weight to be a deciding factor; and change the tires.

    I think this obsession with aerodynamic downforce has run its course. Since it was invented, it’s the only thing that has mattered, as it is by far the easiest way to get performance from the car. It pushes the cost through the roof, because it’s an endless development war. They have wind tunnels running 24/7. Everything is based around aerodynamics. Yet it’s the one factor that totally ruins the racing. We just need to erase aerodynamic downforce from our brains”.

  65. Nick Livanes on said:

    Hi Peter, thanks so much for your YouTube posts which I regularly look for before, during and after Grand Prix’s. Your analysis and insights are always so interesting and valuable and ofcourse entertaining. I also must mention that I read today ( here in Sydney your old home town) that you own the ex Jim Clark yellow Elan coupe which is such a historically significant car. I have been a Lotus Elan owner now for some 35 plus years and have always found it to be my favourite sports car and still immensely fun and rewarding to drive. More power to you!! Regards Nick

  66. Joan Mickelson on said:

    Australian GP F1 2023
    Peter as a new F1 fan you have taught me so much and I respect and trust you highly. But I didn’t understand why you scorned Sergio Perez drive this GP saying he should have been in the front in the first place. 1) Perez is always highly critical of himself. If he says something about the car wasn’t working .. I believe it. Obviously multiple drivers were going off at this GP. Way more than normal. Apparently Perez set- up wasn’t helping him. 2) Of course he hopes to be World Champion. This hope of his doesn’t need to be “dampened.” 3) You said “ Driver of the Day .. yeah right.” But he was. Amazing actually. As good as Max in Jeddah going from P15 to P2. So Peter .. no hard feelings ok? That was a tough weekend for you and everyone in the traveling circus. You deserve some grace… but so does Sergio.

  67. John West on said:

    Good thing you’re 70 years old, that means your racist ass don’t have much time left in this world. You are a racist piece of shit who dislikes Checo Petez just because he’s Mexican. Well, I’m happy you’re 70, time is almost up for you and with you gone will be your hatred onwards other human beings.
    So go to hell.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  68. Joan Mickelson on said:

    Peter is not racist. He has been a huge Sergio Perez fan for years! And he not a hater by ANY stretch. Ugly comments towards Peter are not welcome here.

  69. I know Peter well and he is definitely not racist!

  70. Hamad Bachi on said:

    Hello Peter,
    Just wanted to share a thought, There is a great way to make sense of the sprint race and enhance the sport, have one qualification for both the sprint and the main race, and do a reverse grid on that qualification for the sprint race, this way the top team will have to fight through the slower cars, and slower teams have some chance to score some points, and since it is the same qualification for Sunday, top teams will not be inclined to waste it, so exciting qualification, exciting sprint, and exciting race.

  71. Brett Kleinschmidt on said:

    Hey Peter. I was just watching your latest video i have to say i really do enjoy the live streams. I’m a huge fan of F1 and have been watching your channel for over a year now. You always have great qualifying insights and predict the outcomes pretty spot on more times than not. I would love to be involved in anyway i can, and i think it would improve the channel and make your livestreams more easily digested if you chopped up the video and put it into concentrated clips alongside the livestreams. I would love to do this for you for free. Shoot me an email if you want to chat.

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