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Alain Prost – racing driver

06-15-2013_10On our YouTube Channel ( you will find a short conversation I had today with Anthony Rowlinson, Editor of F1Racing magazine.  We speak about The Verdict (enough said!), about the gentleness of Murray Walker – and about Renault’s new F1 engine (correction: “Energy Power Unit”) for 2014.  Fresh from the creative RenaultF1 press conference at Le Bourget, at the Paris Air show, Anthony reported that Alain Prost believes that efficient cornering is going to be even more important from next year onwards, which prompted me to suggest that some teams could do a lot worse than to employ Alain again as a driver.  I joke, of course, but the topic is a vivid reminder of how good Alain used to look in Renault turbos in the early 1980s;  and this, in turn, induced me to scan another neg or two.  The first is of Alain receiving some routine physio after a practice run at Imola in 1983.  There were no closed doors or darkened windows back then;  on the contrary:  here was a chance to do a bit of sun-bathing.  I particularly like this photograph because there in the background, interviewing Alain, is one of my favourite F1 writers – the French journalist, Gerard Flocon.  Gerard used to write for the fabulously thick and glossy L’Automobile and was both astonishingly productive and studious in the way he went about his business.  It was daunting, indeed, for someone like me to see just how much work was involved if ever I was to have a hope of becoming someone like him.  The other shot is one I took of Alain unfastening his GPA helmet a few seconds after winning the 1983 Austrian GP for Renault Elf.  I was a huge Prost fan, I have to confess – right from the days when he dominated the European F3 Championship.  I got to know him well during his first McLaren years and we spoke a lot, back then, about the ins and outs of his switching to Renault.  I don’t know for sure if Alain is smiling right at me in this photograph, but I like to think he is.06-15-2013_40 

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7 thoughts on “Alain Prost – racing driver

  1. your blog should be mandatory reading for anyone that is really interested in F1, beyond the show business side of things. these posts that you have been putting up have really opened up a new side of the sport. Thx. jp

  2. Thanks J-P. Glad you’re enjoying it.

  3. Fabián Santos on said:

    I agree completly, your blog is a must read piece for any true F1 fan, and I was also such a big fan for Alain. Such a gifted driver.

  4. Thanks Fabian. I appreciate it.

  5. Udo (Mojo66) on said:

    To me personally, Alain is the best F1 driver ever. If you haven’t done already, I recommend watching a few on-boards of him, he has a fantastic driving style. Maybe not as spectacular to watch as some other drivers, but controlled and very smooth. Very rarely will you see his car stepping out. In fact so smooth, that he was able to win races by not doing a tire stop at all! Also, his style of overtaking is very clean, he has never done any stupid things on track, which can’t be said of other drivers that people consider the best ever. He is a great sports man and a true champion.

  6. SuperSwede on said:

    Lovely post Peter!

  7. nice comment…

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