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When smiling came naturally

Here’s the Gitanes Ligier team de-brief at Imola in 1981.  The excellent Jacques-Henri Laffite is having a laugh, as ever, and that’s his team-mate and brother-in-law, Jean-Pierre Jabouille, stepping out of the “motorhome”.  Jean-Pierre was very into Supertramp, as I recall.  And I think that’s the team’s sponsorship/PR manager, Danny Hindenock, with his feet up on the chair.  Danny I believe was the first guy to wear Timberland deck shoes in F1.  Quite a breakthrough in the style department.  That may be the F3 comingman, Philippe Alliot, having a drink, and the gorgeous item on the left is Rene Arnoux’s girl-friend, Pascale.  Not sure what she was doing there with the wrong team, but I’m sure Jacques Laffite had everything under control. Just for good measure, here’s another picture (lower, below) of Pascale, this time (1983) where she should be – having lunch with Rene and Mauro Forghieri under the Ferrari truck awning.  Note Patrick Tambay’s helmet on the right of the picture and the Timberland sneaker on the left…06-15-2013_806-15-2013_18

The Time Between

As an adjunct to our Gilles Villeneuve Festival video trilogy, join Rene Arnoux as he drives Gilles’ 1979 Ferrari 312T4 from Castel d’Ario to Erbe (May 5, 2012).  Finally he gets to feel the car against which he raced so closely at Dijon all those years ago… 

Videos courtesy of the car’s owner, Jonathan Giacobazzi, and Donelli Vini





Remembering Gilles – Part 3: “He was allowed into the playground…”

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