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Remembering Gilles – Part 3: “He was allowed into the playground…”

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3 thoughts on “Remembering Gilles – Part 3: “He was allowed into the playground…”

  1. Peter on said:

    Thanks for the memories and the 3 most moving episodes, I think I’ll going out to the garage and digging out my old autosports, autocar and grand prix internationals! Always hung onto the ones from 79 till the end of 82 thanks again also for showing the original heart and soul of Ferrari before the Todt years.

  2. Tom on said:

    Maybe RenĂ© has the answer, and if today’s drivers got to know each other a little better, there’d be no need for them to sit in press conferences, questioning their “respect” for one another!

    Thank you so much for sharing the atmosphere of Jonathan Giacobazzi’s gatherings with us in these three videos. A lovely reminder of how Formula 1 has always been about people.

    Thanks to Nigel Roebuck too for Part 1, good to see him scribbling away at one point – I look forward to reading that before long.

  3. Angelo on said:

    Thank you very much Peter. You did something very special for us who didn’t have the chance to experience these magic moments. Next year to Zolder!

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