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Mexican Memories

I can’t recall any other occasion in F1 history when the delineations have been so clear: the three lives of the Circuit Hermanos Rodriguez (1962-1970; 1986-1992; 2015-) encapsulate F1 eras so visually different, so technically diverse, that it’s as if…as if they each belong to their own lifetimes. So it was that I met my old friend, Rudy Alcocer, upon arrival in Mexico City. I first met him in 1986, when I was Sponsorship Manager for Williams, but he was truly “my man in Mexico” when I was managing the team in 1991 and 1992. We won both of those races, with our one-two in 1992 remaining one of the best days of my racing life. (Highlights of that race can be seen on

And so, a few days ago, it was time to meet Rudy again – and to re-live those times.

Being Sir John

I’ve given up waiting for John Surtees to be awarded a knighthood so I’m just going to go ahead and call him “Sir John”  from here on in.  Anyone who can drive and engineer F1 cars as well as he did – and  win World Championships on both two wheels and four – deserves to be a Lord in my book, let alone a Knight.  Accentuating the theme, I came across this photo in the files the other day: it’s of me wearing Sir John’s 1964 Championship-winning Everoak helmet, taken in the house of Gert Kramer in 1984.  Gert is a friend who used to work for Daimler Benz; and, as you can see from the other photo, he has/had one of the best F1 driver helmet collections in the world.  Senna?  Prost? Reutemann?  No problem.  And, yes:  that is Nigel and Rosanne Mansell there with Stefan Johansson.06-15-2013_3506-15-2013_34

WilliamsFW14B-Renault (revisited)

A quiet airfield in Northampton, England, a young Finnish star named Valtteri Bottas – and the 1992 WilliamsFW14B-Renault: September mornings are made of this…

It’s a massive RenaultSport weekend at le Circuit Paul Ricard this weekend. World Series by Renault 3.5 tops the bill, but watch out, too, for the Eurocup 2.0 races. Alain Prost, Romain Grosjean, Jean-Eric Vergne and Jerome d’Ambrosio will be also be on hand – as will the FW14B (above) a Renault RE40 and a Lotus 98T-Renault

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