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Mexican Memories

I can’t recall any other occasion in F1 history when the delineations have been so clear: the three lives of the Circuit Hermanos Rodriguez (1962-1970; 1986-1992; 2015-) encapsulate F1 eras so visually different, so technically diverse, that it’s as if…as if they each belong to their own lifetimes. So it was that I met my old friend, Rudy Alcocer, upon arrival in Mexico City. I first met him in 1986, when I was Sponsorship Manager for Williams, but he was truly “my man in Mexico” when I was managing the team in 1991 and 1992. We won both of those races, with our one-two in 1992 remaining one of the best days of my racing life. (Highlights of that race can be seen on

And so, a few days ago, it was time to meet Rudy again – and to re-live those times.

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3 thoughts on “Mexican Memories

  1. Paul West on said:

    Hi Peter

    Sorry but I much preferred the race in 1991 ! How is Mexico can you still “taste” the pollution ?


  2. Larry Stroh on said:

    Hello Peter: Another good review and history of a notable venue in GP history . Please keep up utilizing your past experience and contacts to keep bringing back where all this came from.

    I’m sure there are enough of us older farts that do remember reading and in fortunate cases seeing on television the early broadcasts of some of these early Grand Prix.

    Thanks again, keep them coming….

    Larry Stroh

  3. Have to agree with the earlier comment – the ’91 race was cracking and the ’92 fairly dull – but perhaps that is what made it a great one if you were on the winning team. I think this is when it became really clear that ’92 was going to be a whitewash.

    The Mexican TV producers seemed to have a preoccupation with Frank Williams, and I recall when Ricardo and Nigel were wheel to wheel mid way through the first complex they cut to a shot of Frank watching on. He looked as annoyed as we all felt!

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