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Drawing as he speaks as he thinks…

…the very talented Enrique Scalabroni details the curiously-shaped deflectors on the rear suspension of the 2014 F1 McLaren MP4-29.  A four-video series

Scalabroni and the Coanda effect

Thanks for all the kind comments about the Enrique Scalabroni ground effect videos.  Enrique has asked me to emphasise that his demonstrations are purely physical, not mathematical, and that they are designed to be simple explanations of what are obviously complicated subjects. Now let’s have a look at the much-celebrated Coanda effect – first discovered by the Romanian aerodynamicist, Henri Coanda.

The Spoon Test

I was impressed by Enrique Scalabroni from the first day I met him – at Williams, in 1985.  He’d turn up every morning in a local cab and always leave late at night – also in a local cab.

“Enrique.  What’s with the cab?”

“I don’t drive.  I have too many things going on in my head to trust myself behind the wheel.  I’m always thinking about something.  I can’t help it…”

Enrique helped Patrick Head re-design the back end of the Williams FW10-Honda that cleaned up the final races of that 1985 season;  and he would go on to play an integral role in the success of the FW11/11B.  Moving to Ferrari in late 1989, he transformed the John Barnard car into a glorious pace-setter.

Enrique has one of the most fertile brains of any racing person I’ve ever met.  If he’s not designing a new electric road car, he’s re-visiting the hang-glider or designing windmills.

And he has the most wonderful touch.  His brother is a cartoonist for Disney – and you can see that family talent in Enrique’s hand.  I asked him to sketch as he spoke because I love to see creative expression like this – especially if it’s orientated towards Formula One.



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