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Scalabroni and the Coanda effect

Thanks for all the kind comments about the Enrique Scalabroni ground effect videos.  Enrique has asked me to emphasise that his demonstrations are purely physical, not mathematical, and that they are designed to be simple explanations of what are obviously complicated subjects. Now let’s have a look at the much-celebrated Coanda effect – first discovered by the Romanian aerodynamicist, Henri Coanda.

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9 thoughts on “Scalabroni and the Coanda effect

  1. If there’s a shortage of water supply in the UK (I assume), we know who’s to blame!

    Seriously, lovely videos. I think “normal” folks like us need a normal explanation of aerodynamics.

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  3. SuperSwede on said:

    Peter honestly, I´m truly pleased that you´re taking the time and effort to produce these really great videos. So a big thanks to you Mr Windsor as well as to Mr Scalaboni! Please do proceed with these type of videos.


    The Swede

  4. Thank You Peter and Enrique. For the layman like me, I really apprecaite how you explain things I didn’t previously understand!

  5. Jonathan Jorgensen on said:

    Excellent, I always thought that the air needed to get into the diffuser, a lot of people were saying that they were using the Coanda effect to blow onto the floor, but without the gap between the tire and the floor, the air flow wouldn’t help the diffuser. This was great!

  6. eric perlberg on said:

    Great stuff, thanks!

  7. Great stuff, very helpful! More!

  8. Rumen Deyanov on said:

    Peter, thank you so much for bringing to us some REAL stuff! Enrique is amazing, really, watching him sketch and explaining is like watching Leonardo doing it 🙂 I have seen all movies you have posted with Enrique on You Tube, very educational and inspirational at the same time. As a person who likes and do sketches myself, I can fully relate to the experience of trying to explain an idea in a sketch in front of live audience. I was wondering if there is a chance to get some of Enrique’s sketches (very slim chance if at all, I guess) – I’ll have it framed on my living room wall!

    Thank you again Peter and we do miss you on F1 TV coverage, but am glad I found your blog finally!

  9. Many thanks. We’ll be doing some more filming with Enrique in the next month or so.

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