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Drawing as he speaks as he thinks…

…the very talented Enrique Scalabroni details the curiously-shaped deflectors on the rear suspension of the 2014 F1 McLaren MP4-29.  A four-video series

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7 thoughts on “Drawing as he speaks as he thinks…

  1. These are so educational, I would never have understood why the choice of push- or pull-rod has so many implications without him.

    I wish Sky would hire him to produce an F1 tech segment along these lines 😉

  2. Love these videos with Enrique explaining, he makes these highly technical things so easily understandable. Keep them coming Peter and send a big thanks from us fans to Enrique.

  3. Excellent and informing!!

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  5. Thanks. Question: Is there anything in the regulations which state the endplates on the rear wings must be vertical? Why not try an F-18 sort of splayed v-shape?

  6. Yes – they must be vertical. So you’re thinking of the Vel’s Parnelli Indy car? As Mario said, “Don’t talk to be about yaw….” 🙂

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