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From the pen of Enrique Scalabroni…

The one-off Alfa retro Alfa designed by former Ferrari Technical Director, Enrique Scalabroni. Gorgeous aluminium bodywork was hand-hewn by Giorgio Giorda

Argentine design engineer, Enrique Scalabroni, is one of the most creative people I know.  Following successful careers at Williams, Ferrari and Peugeot, and more recently as the man behind Asiatech Engines and the BCN GP2/F3000 team, Enrique is today working for a number of different clients on a variety of interesting projects.  Here are his original drawings of a one-off “retro” Alfa Romeo he completed recently.  Note the neatness of hand and the attention to detail.  The curvaceous aluminium bodywork has been beautifully rendered by another Spanish-based artisan from Argentina – Giorgio Giorda.    The steel tube chassis is  30mm X 30mm (section) X 1mm (thickness) and the power unit is from the Alfa Montreal.

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4 thoughts on “From the pen of Enrique Scalabroni…

  1. They just don’t seem to make cars with the same sexy lines anymore. There are many hot looing cars out, no doubt, however, one needs to only look back a few decades to see fantasy and passion fused into sexy “curvaceous aluminium bodywork” as you put it. Thank back to the lines on the Ferrari 250 GTO or Dino, the Lamborghini miura, Ford GT, Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale, Jaguar E-Type 38 Roadster etc.. the list goes on.

    This is beautiful work. The side profile reminds me slightly of the 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa

  2. I was so lucky to see how this car developed. Giorgio is a master working with his hands creating so nice shapes on the bodywork, and Scalabroni put on his knowledge on the technical side to create this fabulous car. But for me the secret of an outstanding result is the passion they both worked, the love for cars…

  3. Vanesa Doval Bonino on said:

    Exelente trabajo, es un orgullo para mí conocer en persona a Giorgio y que sea oriundo de mi ciudad

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