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From the pen of Enrique Scalabroni…

The one-off Alfa retro Alfa designed by former Ferrari Technical Director, Enrique Scalabroni. Gorgeous aluminium bodywork was hand-hewn by Giorgio Giorda

Argentine design engineer, Enrique Scalabroni, is one of the most creative people I know.  Following successful careers at Williams, Ferrari and Peugeot, and more recently as the man behind Asiatech Engines and the BCN GP2/F3000 team, Enrique is today working for a number of different clients on a variety of interesting projects.  Here are his original drawings of a one-off “retro” Alfa Romeo he completed recently.  Note the neatness of hand and the attention to detail.  The curvaceous aluminium bodywork has been beautifully rendered by another Spanish-based artisan from Argentina – Giorgio Giorda.    The steel tube chassis is  30mm X 30mm (section) X 1mm (thickness) and the power unit is from the Alfa Montreal.

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