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Rubens on Michael

I had a lot of fun yesterday, talking to Rubens Barrichello on The Flying Lap – and these were two of the highlights.  At the top of the show I asked Rubens about 2012 – about the current situation at Williams and his mindset right now.  Ruben’s positive nature and zest for the racing life continues to amaze.   Then, a bit later, the subject inevitably turned to Michael Schumacher.  Rubens corrected me when I suggested he’d given the “win” to Michael in Austria, 2002, and so I re-worded my comments to say “he’d let Michael finish first”.  The winner’s trophy, of course, went to Rubens.  We  talked about Indy the same year – Rubens said he and Michael had never spoken about the finish that day – and then we spoke about Hungary, 2010, when Michael had almost forced Rubens into the pit wall…


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