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Classic Gilles – 1979 South African GP

I couldn’t contain my delight when I discovered all this AP Archive footage from the 1979 South African GP.  Gilles Villeneuve didn’t win anything like the number of GPs his talent deserved – but here, at least, is one of those victories. I’ve voiced-over this video as best I can (all the footage was either ambient or mute) but could I also suggest that you watch it in conjunction with our latest podcast?  At the link below I narrate my race notes from that 1979 SA GP weekend; and, by combining the two platforms, I hope I can provide some idea of what this amazing shining light from Canada was all about.

(Joining me as I watch the footage is Enaam Ahmed, who was our live guest for this show.)

Podcast download link:

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One thought on “Classic Gilles – 1979 South African GP

  1. So great!! thanks for sharing. Just when I thought there was no more footage of Gilles, you find this gem. #Childhoodhero

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