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Classic Gilles – 1979 South African GP

I couldn’t contain my delight when I discovered all this AP Archive footage from the 1979 South African GP.  Gilles Villeneuve didn’t win anything like the number of GPs his talent deserved – but here, at least, is one of those victories. I’ve voiced-over this video as best I can (all the footage was either ambient or mute) but could I also suggest that you watch it in conjunction with our latest podcast?  At the link below I narrate my race notes from that 1979 SA GP weekend; and, by combining the two platforms, I hope I can provide some idea of what this amazing shining light from Canada was all about.

(Joining me as I watch the footage is Enaam Ahmed, who was our live guest for this show.)

Podcast download link:

Live Show – Ep 7: Gilles Villeneuve remembered; Enaam Ahmed on-line

This was a different sort of show for two reasons: 1) I decided to focus our AP Archive segment on just one race – the 1979 South African GP.  This was partly because we uncovered some amazing and quite extensive colour footage from that race and partly because it was won by Gilles Villeneuve.  And any race won by Gilles is always worth re-living in as much detail as possible. 2) Keen as we were to try a live link to a guest, I invited the very eloquent and intelligent Enaam Ahmed onto the show.  Enaam, 20, is not only amazingly talented but also a very refreshing guy with whom to spend time: he doesn’t conform to the Young Gun Stereotype; far from it.  He isn’t afraid to talk about his faults – and nor is he afraid to be open about his beliefs (he is a practising Muslim). On top of that, Enaam also recently contracted Covid19 – something that’s not supposed to happen to very fit, 20-year-old athletes. He spent three wretched weeks before recovering – and then began fasting for Ramadan. He talks about all that and more in this show – and he stays around for the 1979 South African GP segment, too; he’s that sort of racer. Enjoy.

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