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F1 tech update with Scarbs

Time for another F1 tech update with the excellent Craig Scarborough.  Although many of the mid-field teams are now concentrating on their 2017 cars, development continues unabated at the sharp end of the grid.  Here are some separate thoughts on Mercedes, Red Bull-Renault, Ferrari and McLaren-Honda, with the final video focussing on the remaining teams.

Drawings: Craig Scarborough; Images: LAT Photographic

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5 thoughts on “F1 tech update with Scarbs

  1. Tim Gibson on said:

    Your work is great. The rules in F-1 have turned it into a spec series. We used to get a huge group together to watch it, but the cars are so boring now it is unwatchable. Longing for the sound of a V12, V10, flat-12, maybe an occasional V-8.

  2. point 2 4 hours from duns on said:

    like the jim clark image with the Mercedes.any chance of a print,poster etc?

  3. Hey Peter,

    Did you stop making youtube videos/vlogs about the races? I always love them and would like to see you continue.



  4. Guido Varewijck on said:

    hi Peter,

    Like Philip said. Where are your comments on the races USA and Mexico? I always like to hear your opinion.

    Greats Guido (Dutch FAN ;))

  5. Gaby Koegenboeg on said:

    Please come back to youtube Mr.Windsor you are urgently missed.


    Gaby Koegenboeg

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