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Monza’s always fun…

…and you invariably leave on Mondays with some regret.  Here are some of my thoughts as I drove across Northern Italy after another weekend at the autodromo: Nico Rosberg won impeccably; Lewis Hamilton, F1 global ambassador extraordinaire, is still massively under-used by the F1 world, particularly as the USGP approaches; Ferrari, re-structured, are looking good; Daniel Ricciardo drove beautifully at Monza to win his “class”; we’re saying good-bye to Felipe Massa but welcome to the very talented Stoffel Vandoorne; and we won’t quickly forget the GP2 and GP3 races at Monza this year.  It was if the old slipstreaming circuit, buoyed by the news of a new three-year contract, had suddenly returned to life…

Images: LAT Photographic

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One thought on “Monza’s always fun…

  1. monaza is my favorite

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