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Enter the 2016 F1 cars

No big new F1 car launches these days.  No pre-paid tickets to Paris or Bologna. No Marlboro watches, BMW duck-down jackets or Ferrari leather folders.

Just Barcelona in mid-February. Misty mornings. Dodgy wifi.  And closed garage doors.

They eventually broke cover, though, the new 2016 cars.  And when they did so we were watching with Craig Scarborough, one of F1’s leading technical observers.  This was how the conversation went when we were back at the bar after the first day of running…

Images courtesy of LAT Photographic


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2 thoughts on “Enter the 2016 F1 cars

  1. Peter Finlay on said:

    Great analysis as ever. NACA ducts not NASA ducts. Invented when NASA was its forerunner NASA. Splitting hairs but jangles the ears.

  2. Graeme Bolger on said:

    Hello Peter. Thanks for your posts on the various media. It’s always great to gain another perspective on Formula 1 and it’s people of the past.

    I have asked this question before. In this time of difficulty in attracting sponsorship could you not have a small segment on who is assisting the teams with sponsorship and what do those sponsors do,make or sell.

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