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They built racing cars….

Pure and simple.  For F1.  And, in order to finance those F1 projects, every other type of racing car too – from Formula Junior to big-banger sports cars.  Cooper and Brabham.  Two titans of the sport. Cooper gave us rear engines, Jack Brabham the sight of a brilliant driver winning races and championships in a car bearing his own name and his own indelible stamp.

Join Rob Wilson and I as we drive into Surrey, south of London, to capture some of the spirit of Cooper and Brabham.


Jack Brabham and Ron Tauranac pre-empted the closed-cockpit look back at Monza in 1967. Jack’s long-term mechanic, Roy Billington (left) looks anxious…

Brab factory inside


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6 thoughts on “They built racing cars….

  1. Raw & simple, but cool. Great video, as always. Closed cockpit pic is extremely interesting.

  2. William Canfield - McLean, Virginia on said:

    WOW…what a wonderful trip down memory lane and to think that the Cooper factory is still essentially intact. I owned a 66 Austin Cooper S and thus feel a small link to John Cooper and his wonderful legacy in motorsport. Peter, please keep your great efforts up…we really appreciate your dedication to the history of our beloved sport!

  3. Peter Finlay on said:

    Great as ever. Looking forward to a similar visit to MRD @ Weylock.

  4. Fred on said:

    Great stuff. Thanks for some wonderful memories.
    Wonder whether the Tyrrell factory in Ockham is still in place.
    Also, another place of interest for me would be the Barley Mow Pub, West Horsley, which was “home” to the unforgotten Eoin Young.

  5. Elina Michle on said:

    great stuff,than x for sharing.

  6. Elina Michle on said:

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