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Five in a row for Clark

30133 1965DutchGPZandvoort, Holland. July 18, 1965. Dutch GP  Jim Clark’s amazing 1965 season continued unabated. Following his victories in the Silverstone-Rouen double-header, Jim returned quickly to London for Wednesday’s British Racing Automobile Club (BARC) function at the Grosvenor House hotel.  Olympic Gold Medallist, Mary Rand, presented a special award to Jim for his Indy 500 win – but by this stage of the year it could just as well have been for his F1 success. He’d missed Monaco to win at Indy but he’d won every other GP of the season, plus the Tasman Series. Little was the time for relaxation, however, for the next day Jim flew to Zandvoort, Holland, for the Dutch GP.  Jim headed the times on Friday, when the winds blew, and qualified second on Saturday in perfect conditions.  Again, though, the new 32-valve Climax engine proved unreliable, obliging Clark to switch to the 16-valve spare car for the race. Thanks to British Pathe, we can now take a short look at the Dutch GP in the following video. Note a young Clive Chapman near the start, pensive in Mike Spence’s helmet and goggles. Win No 27



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3 thoughts on “Five in a row for Clark

  1. Lisa n Gary Tatman on said:

    Hi Peter, always love the Jim Clark posts. Learned plenty about one of, if not the purest racing driver ever. If you see this post, please contact me as I’ve tried to contact you, but email I have for you must be old. Like to touch base w/ Mr. Kinnunen’s 908/3 carving. Have a great day n hope to chat soon. Lisa n Gary

  2. Andrew on said:

    I thought Ginther’s Honda was a V12, not a flat 12. Albeit, it was mounted sideways in the car.

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