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Postcard from Monaco

imageMonaco has a different feel to it on the earlier days of race week: fences imageare still being erected, truckloads of flowers arrive in abundance.  Here are a few of the sites from Monaco Wednesday and Thursday (from top to bottom): Jacky Ickx, Rainer Schlegelmilch and Michael Turner smile for the iPhone;image the View From The Top is as dramatic as ever; Max Verstappen looms large on Monaco harbour – just as he does on the circuit; Monaco is now the only F1 race not to be produced by FOM TV. Your world feed is in the hands of Euromedia France.  Good to see some young fans supporting genuine McLaren Orange and Genuine Bruce; imageNot all of the new architecture is tedious; McLaren’s new interior design business (ha ha) is conveniently opposite their merchandisimagee store; Thierry Boutsen’s doing well – his high-end aviation business has moved into smart new offices on the Rimageue Grimaldi; I liked this painting of Richie Ginther’s shark-nose in one of the gallery windows; no kerbs at the Tabac apex – just guardrail.  A nice test; by contrast, these are thimagee kerbs that bite you at the ultra-quick entry to the swimming pool section; it has to bimagee done – a sandwich jambon with Orangina under the grandstand on the outside of Tabac.  The water on the road is from one of the most intensive plastic-chair cleaning projects I’ve ever seen…very Monaco…; imagegood to see Giancarlo imageFisichella again (here with Pat Behar of the FIA); forget the Chelsea Flower Show – these are for one of the F1 paddock motorhomes; Louis Chiron in amongst the yachts. imageimageimage


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10 thoughts on “Postcard from Monaco

  1. Great photos Peter – especially like the one of Giancarlo with Pat Behar (who never seems to age, lucky guy!). Thanks for the post – Annie

  2. Hi Peter,
    I just saw your postcard from monaco. Well… Sorry, but I wouldn’t come again even on a special invite by Bernie. First, there’s what F1 had become, but that’s not the point here. The point is the circuit. Remember what it was for a photog or a journalist in the 1970s ? Sure you do. Today, F1 doesn’t go any longer in the German “green hell”, but it seems to like the “grey hell” – that kinda tunnel of high fences, no more access, no more scenery, adulterated corners… I couldn’t make again any of my best pics of that time.
    Yes I know, I’ve grown a bit grumpy.
    Thanks anyway. Boutsen will love your card and I wish you a race w.e. in Monaco as fine as it’s still possible.
    (too bad I can’t include a photo, like we do on Facebook…)
    Friendly Yours,
    Jean-Jacques Renaux

  3. Matt Porter on said:

    Have fun. Loved the feature in F1 magazine on Jim Clark. Astonishing that he never won Monaco but I suspect Indianapolis got in the way.

  4. Nice piccies. Hope the race is more like 1996 than 2013/14.

  5. Interesting

  6. Will Butcher on said:

    Indy continues to say they are “the greatest spectacle in racing”. What a joke. Nothing rivals Monaco.

  7. Love your highly descriptive wordsmithing and photos, Peter. Gaye and I will be in Monaco for three nights in September. Your piece from the Scottish car display for Frank Matich’s memorial on Tuesday was well received. I sat with Colin.

  8. Paul Worcester on said:

    Very nice! Brings me back to 2009 when my son (stationed in Naples) and I drove up to spend the weekend watching my favorite driver win the race. Sitting across the track from Louis Chiron’s bust watching the cars accelerating out of Tabac and twitch through the first Piscine turn was breath-taking! Thanks Peter!!!

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  10. Hi Peter,

    I’m like you say : ” young fan supporting genuine McLaren Orange and Genuine Bruce “. Proud yo be in your Monaco Postcard !

    I was very hapy to meet you for the first time, and that you like the shirt !
    I’m young ( 28 ) but I love the history of Formula One, really more interesting that the modern.
    Whatever, like you see, I support McLaren, and with this shirt, it’s for me to say ” don’t forget from where you come “. I don’t know if Bruce Mclaren will be proud to see his team today. But I love Mclaren for his History, for what he mades.

    Thank you again, and sorry for my english !

    Kind regards,

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