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And now for some Sussex air…

Continuing our pre-British GP roadtrip, we visited the Festival of Speed on Goodwood Saturday.  The crowds may be thicker, the memorabilia stalls less evident (such are the monies involved these days on the promotional side of Goodwood) but the magic never dies.  In this first of two videos from the day, we look at a very special John Player Special and a marshalling area that left you dizzy with the noise, the smoke, the scent, the cars…and the wonderful racing people.

Images: LAT Photographic and Peter Windsor

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3 thoughts on “And now for some Sussex air…

  1. Awesome, just awesome to see this side of F1… looking forward to part two…

  2. Hey Peter
    Just watched your mid week report with David Brabham and Anna Woolhouse. Really interesting what you had to say about Nico Rosberg and the level he is driving at and the pressure it is putting on Lewis.
    Also agree with you completely about Bottas and now that he has the car is showing signs of being the real deal.
    Do you make this appearance on a regular basis with Brabham post race?

  3. Thanks. Always a pleasure to chat to Anna…and David, of course.

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