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Rob Wilson’s world

He used to be a very fast (Nelson Piquet-, Nigel Mansell-fast) racing driver. Today he coaches personalities from all disciplines, including F1, GP2, GP3, F3, IndyCar, the WEC and the WRC. And, in between times, he writes music and plays in a band called Grand Prairie. He’s dedicated; he’s disciplined. And I don’t know anyone more passionate about the sport of motor racing. I recently spent a little time with Rob Wilson at his “second home” – Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground, about 40 min drive north of Silverstone. I wanted to talk motor racing realities; I wanted to avoid the gloss. I can’t pretend ever to do justice to Rob Wilson but I hope some of the footage we shot  gives you some idea of why today he has the respect of most of the serious players in the F1 pit-lane. The concert clips, by the way, were filmed at the Grand Prairie CD launch party thrown recently by that pre-eminent performance car/F1 enthusiast, Joe Macari.  If you haven’t yet seen Joe’s new ensemble near Wimbledon, London, please try to do so.  Call it museum art-meets-cars-you’d-love-to-own.

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3 thoughts on “Rob Wilson’s world

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  2. Jonathan Powell on said:

    Hi Peter,
    I think I heard about Rob a few years ago on the James Allen website as somebody who was used by Grand Prix drivers as a coach but also that this was an area not explored to its fullest in F1 specifically. To be honest,without knowing the full details myself, I dont believe that F1 drivers specifically do enough training and coaching on the actual driving side of things to fully develop their skills. It amazes me that drivers live abroad when all the facilities and personnel they need are in the same area,as highlighted in the video. Other sports athletes train and hone their skills every single day so i see no reason why F1 drivers should be any different

    Bruntingthorpe proving ground is definitely somewhere I will be visiting in the near future.

    Keep up the great work,

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