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Driving home from Gatwick

Thoughts from the 2014 Monaco Grand Prix weekend

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2 thoughts on “Driving home from Gatwick

  1. Thanks for the observations Peter. In spite of all the chuntering about the rules by many, including me, there are some interesting battles going on. I just wish the cars weren’t so damn ugly! On the basis of innocent until proven I think it was correct to not to penalise Rosberg, as you say Hamilton should have got his lap in sooner. Interesting point about Vettel and his driving style. I always assume that they can infinitely adjust a car nowadays to give whatever behaviour the driver wants but obviously it is not that simple.

  2. I think it’s quite fashionable to assume that every slight “issue” can these days be solved by adjustments to the car but Casino – and Turn 9/10 at Bahrain – also showed just how differently the drivers perform one from another – even within the same team. It’s very rare, I know, ever to hear an F1 driver say something like “well, today I just didn’t do the job as well as my team-mate. He really had me through Turn X but I’ll be back again next weekend…” but a few reality checks wouldn’t go amiss from time to time.

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