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Casino Square – Saturday morning

photo-4There are few better places to watch F1 cars than at Monaco’s Casino Square.  I was first lucky enough to stand by the Armco there in 1973, when Jackie Stewart, Ronnie Peterson, Emerson Fittipaldi and Carlos Reutemann stole the show.  The 2014 version – same stage, same backdrops – was no less enthralling. The sun was golden; course cars blew their sirens.  Marshals waved as I walked up the hill.  I stopped to chat with old friends.  And then the pit lane opened…

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3 thoughts on “Casino Square – Saturday morning

  1. hey Peter

    I aways love your analysis of what the driver/car is doing. a few years ago you did the same thing which viewing from La Rascasse. in those photos you real could see the difference between each drivers entry-mid-exit position of the tight right-hander.

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  3. Thanks – yes, La Rascasse also a good place from which to watch at Monte-Carlo. Casino this year was very impressive.

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