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To Pau, for the first 1-litre F2 race…

Jim Clark’s 1964 season engendered a wide variety of nice – and sometimes not-so-nice – racing cars. The F2 Lotus 32 fell firmly in the former category. Jim’s first race with it was in the opening round of the French F2 series – itself the first race for the new F2 – around the familiar streets of Pau. Enter Ron Harris Team Lotus:  in this video we’ve tried to uncover a little more about the former motor-cyclist-cum-film distributor-cum Team Lotus entrant. We also chat with with the very rapid John Fenning, himself a Ron Harris Team Lotus driver, and for the bulk of 1964 a front-running F3 star.


Jim and the Ron Harris Lotus 32-Cosworth were the class of the Pau, 1964, weekend

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One thought on “To Pau, for the first 1-litre F2 race…

  1. George on said:

    Dear Peter,

    I wanted to say a massive thank you for the amazing work you did on bringing Jim Clark’s 1963, 64 and 65 season’ to life again. I came across a link to the blog some years ago and added it to my bookmarks and somehow forgot about it for a few years until recently.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed catching it with it, your attention to detail when telling the race stories is incredible. I dread to think how much time it took you to put all of it together – interviews, rare film footage and pictures, the lot! I’m also amazed just how much knowledge of the era you hold in your head!

    I was born some 13yrs after Jim Clark’s passing but I became hugely interested in Grand Prix racing from that era through a simulation game (Grand Prix Legends); since then I’ve devoured every bit of information I can find about those times, the drivers, circuits etc and amassed quiet a collection of books too as a result. You have added enormously to my knowledge. Thank you so much.

    I was fortunate enough to make it to the 2015 celebration of the 1965 World Championship in Duns and I was thrilled to bits to get Ian Scott-Watson and Graham Gauld to sign a book for me. I couldn’t quite muster the courage to approach Sir Jackie.

    Kind regards

    PS: Did the 1964 season review end after your Indy post? I can’t seem to find anything ‘Jim Clark 1964 season’ related afterwards.

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