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Front Row Tours – what a view!

As true F1 enthusiasts go, Colin Bach is amongst the purest.  If I tell you that he owns the Ferrari 312T2 (chassis 031) that took Niki Lauda to the World Championship in 1977 (winning the Dutch and German GPs that year)  and Carlos Reutemann to victory in the 1978 Brazilian Grand Prix, I’m sure you’ll get the picture.

A lover of all things Italian – cars, food, design – Colin most of the time lives in San Francisco, where he is a major player in a blue-chip car club called The Candy Store.   Members of TCS meet regularly at local circuits to drive their hardware – and also to enjoy the company of such special guests as Parnelli Jones and Gordon Murray when the moon is in the seventh house.

The reason I bring Colin to your attention is that he regularly attends F1 races, is extremely well-connected to many of the F1 teams and is putting together a number of selected F1 tours, for limited numbers, in 2012.  The prices will not be cheap – I leave that for you to discuss with Colin ( – but I know he his planning tours at the very least to the Monaco, Canadian and Italian GPs.

Location is everything, of course, when you attend an F1 race, so here is an example of the sorts of grandstand seats he has secured:

Monaco practice from the tribune opposite the pit lane, overlooking the swimming pool exit; qualifying from Tabac, overlooking the harbour;  and race day at Monaco from the outside of Casino Square.  And in Canada he has obtained seats with a panoramic view of the Turn One complex (see below).

The Front Row Tours (as Colin calls them) will include dinners and cocktails with special F1 guests and hotel accommodation where the drivers stay (the Columbus at Monaco, for example).

If you love F1, therefore, and if you want to talk, think and eat F1 with like-minded people, contact Colin.

Oh yes.  And he also owns a Williams FW12 (passive-suspension)-Judd, as if you hadn’t guessed.

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2 thoughts on “Front Row Tours – what a view!

  1. Sounds like a great time!
    Love that photo of Canada!

  2. David Wilson on said:

    From David Wilson , I attened 2 F-l events with Colin in 2011, Canada, and Monza. We spent a week in Italy, toured Ferrari, special after hours stuff!
    Went to Lambo for the tour, Pagani, and more! Dinner with F-1 Drivers, Best Food and Hotels. I will sign up for Silverstone this year. Go Front Row

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