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Paying drivers: nothing new

You can’t have a boring conversation with Niki Lauda: his brain is too sharp for that, his perspectives too logical. It’s always a case, indeed, of “so much to say; so little time…” I chatted to him recently about having to borrow money from a bank in order to secure an F1 drive; the best and worst F1 cars he ever drove; sleeping on the floor of James Hunt’s apartment; the aftermath of “Rush”; the comparisons between the airline and F1 industries, taking holidays (or not!); and his sort of attention to detail. (And in case you’re wondering what Novomatic is all about on this year’s Lauda cap it is this: it’s an Austrian company and it’s one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of…yes…slot machines.) Here is my chat with Niki (recorded in a Bahrain hotel) in three parts:

Images: LAT Photographic and Peter Windsor Collection

Hunt vs Lauda

As the Hunt vs Lauda documentary has now been withdrawn from YouTube we are sadly unable to show it on these pages.  It is available, though, on the BBC iPlayer and it  will be screened again on BBC2 in the UK in near future.  We will publish dates of those screenings via Twitter @peterdwindsor.  Richard Wiseman, the archivist responsible for the video sourcing of the documentary, will also be our guest on The Racer’s Edge on August 22.

John Watson – part 2

In the second segment of our three-part interview with John Watson, MBE, originally recorded for, John looks back at his two sensational USGP wins for Marlboro McLaren – at Detroit, in 1982 and then Long Beach in 1983 – and reflects upon his love for Watkins Glen. He also talks about the art of overtaking – something at which he excelled throughout his career.  To see a complementary photo album to this video, together with detailed captions, log on to

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