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A surprise phone call to Ian Scott-Watson

We surprised Ian Scott-Watson on his 90th birthday by phoning him during The Racer’s Edge Live on April 23, 2020. Currently self-isolating in the house he designed himself in Greenlaw, near Duns, Scotland, Ian was largely responsible for bringing Jim Clark to the attention of the world at large and of Colin Chapman in particular. Ian recalls some of the fun days with Jim in the 1950s and 60s and nominates his all-time favourite road car. This video is an edited excerpt from The Racer’s Edge Live, which airs every Thursday at 18:00UK, but has been re-mixed to include little-seen footage from the 1965 German GP.

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2 thoughts on “A surprise phone call to Ian Scott-Watson

  1. lizzietas1 on said:

    Dear Mr. Windsor,
    I was so delighted to see this birthday post with Ian Scott-Windsor. I have been searching for his latest book ‘Black Sheep in the Fast Lane’ but I’m having no luck. A very special friend who grew up in Rhodesia is one of Jim Clark’s most loyal admirers. He started following motor racing at the age of 10 and when Jim Clark died he mourned so profoundly that he refused to attend school for a week. My friend is now 65 years young, drives a Lotus, and has a very special collection of all things Jim Clark. I am in search of this book for his birthday. We live in the US in the Philadelphia area. If you have any suggestions as to how I might obtain this book, I would greatly appreciate your assistance.

    Happy Birthday to Mr. Ian Scorr-Watson!!

    Elizabeth Tassone

  2. Lindsay John Fraser on said:

    Perhaps a little late but Ian’s book is available through the Jim Clark Trust

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