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Goodbye Sir Stirl. And thanks.

After a long illness, Sir Stirling Moss passed away over the Easter weekend. The irony, I’m sure, would not have been lost on him. At Goodwood, on Easter Monday, 1962, his career came to a premature end. And now this. I revered Sir Stirl not only as one of the greatest racing drivers of all time but also both as a friend and as a Top Man, as Sir Frank Williams would say. He was at once a human dynamo and the sort of guy with whom you could always have a laugh. Most of the jokes could not be reprinted or shared but in these three videos I hope you can get a feel for the sort of person he was. God bless you Stirl – and a big hug to Lady Suzy.

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5 thoughts on “Goodbye Sir Stirl. And thanks.

  1. John Mackenzie on said:

    Thank you Peter. My hero for almost 65 years. We were often in contact since I met him in the 90s. I missed the exchanges of emails when he began to fail. Last met him in Monaco in 2016 at the Historique. I once suggested that he should stop putting himself down as being second in ability to Fangio. His reply was to mention Alan Henry’s assessment of the top 100 drivers. “I am humbled by his rating, one hell of a mantle to bear”. I get so annoyed at the commonly used phrase “best driver never to win the championship “ . He was much better than that. In my opinion he and Clark were supreme! Best regards and thanks for all your posts. John

  2. rspencerbc on said:

    The third of the three parts seems to be missing from the web page.

  3. Max Scott on said:

    Fabulous Peter, and so poignant and entertaining at once in this time of extreme limitation. I hope you are keeping well. Max.

  4. Thanks John. Yes, Stirl was magic. A wonderful guy and a great, great racing driver. I spent a lot of time with him in the 1970s and began to understand why he had been so good. He was non-stop action, non-stop energy. Always looking at the best way of doing things and never afraid to learn. Amazing man.

  5. Third part now up: YouTube don’t like you to post three videos in quick succession!
    Thanks Max. I hope these vids give a taste of what Stirl was all about.

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