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All four seasons in one day

…and four days of video on one page

Video blogs, that is. Here are some of my thoughts after each of the four days of Silverstone, from Thursday afternoon onwards. It was a huge, magical event; I hope these vids give you a small taste of what occurred.

With special thanks to Alpinestars, Globe, LAT Photographic and British Pathe.




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2 thoughts on “All four seasons in one day

  1. Peter,
    Last season Ferrari was one of the best if not the best team at getting their tires into whichever the correct working range was that it needed.
    This season they have truly struggled.

    Do you think that the move from pullrod to pushrod is playing a significant part? Have their engineers just worked too long with pullrod that they are struggling to understand the new dynamics? I know Scarbs have said that he felt that pullrod was less responsive and the benefits were negligible when compared to pullrod.

    Is this season now a wash because they can’t or won’t put the resources into developing this year’s chassis?

  2. Stanford Crane on said:

    Peter loved the report especially mentioning Jimmy and talking about the camping.

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