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The Canadian Collection

Some video thoughts from three absorbing days in Montreal…

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One thought on “The Canadian Collection

  1. Greg Phillips on said:

    Hi Peter,

    Love your work.. Have followed you for years….

    What can I do to get an email feed or more direct updates on the F1 events as you present them. Would be happy to pay a subscription fee for your personal Emails and Videos.

    I am a big fan of F1, we are traveling to Austria next week, was at the opener in Melbourne and will do another event this year… Maybe do the AAA Australia, Austria and Austin

    Thanks for any response….

    As an Expat Aussie, living in the US – have been following F1 at events live since the first race South Australia … and TV when Murry Walker and James Hunt did the coverage – where you had to watch it live… NO DVR’s back then…



    Greg Phillips +1 530 545 1007

    Skype: greg.phillips.tahoe

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