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Magic on the Cote d’Azur

Anyone watching the action from Monaco’s Casino Square, or the exit of the tunnel or the entry to the swimming pool will know it: will know that it doesn’t get much better in these places; that you are close to human beings of extraordinary talent, doing more with their hands, feet, eyes, brains, heart, lungs, muscles and reflexes than most athletes from other sports could manage in a year.

So you can bicker all you like about Lewis Hamilton’s private life, or Nico Rosberg’s clinical precision or Daniel Ricciardo’s endless laugh; when you reach Monaco, all of that becomes redundant. The only thing that matters is the sheer skill of it all. You stand there, at Casino Square, making small talk with the marshals, watching the fans check their lens settings and the pro photographers line-up their tripods.

And then, suddenly, there is the bark of the first engine note. Everyone focusses on the entry to Massenet…

Join me on this year’s Monaco saga.  It begins with a few memories. It ends with the most titanic of wins.


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