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Shanghai Breezes

A friend in the LeTV (Chinese TV) studio generated some nice art after the race in Shanghai: it was a colour-coded lap chart – all lines, peaks, troughs, zigs and zags.

It was that sort of race.

About the only thing predictable/normal was that Mercedes would win – but even that was coloured by Lewis Hamilton’s sudden MGU-H failure in Q1 on Saturday.  Mercedes again locked-out the grid but this time it was different:  Nico had the front door, Lewis the fire escape.

Anyway, you know it all by now.  Here are some post-race reflections, plus some additional comments from Craig Scarborough re some of the more interesting tech developments of the weekend.


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One thought on “Shanghai Breezes

  1. André on said:

    Hello Peter, as always you give great insights into F1. What’s happening this year? Sadly no more Scarbs, no more Rob in your videos..

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