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Clark wins at Aintree

1962 British Grand Prix.A big thankyou to AP and their superb new archive for this short colour Movietone film of the 1962 British GP at Aintree.  The race resulted in a resounding win for Jim Clark and the Lotus 25-Climax but until now our feel for the occasion – well, mine, at least – has been limited to classic photographs – particularly those of Jim shaving the grass through Melling Crossing and of those famous shots taken from behind the grid as the flag dropped.  Now the last British GP to be staged at the Liverpool circuit comes to life as never before. Image above: LAT Photographic

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3 thoughts on “Clark wins at Aintree

  1. Charles on said:

    Beautiful car!!
    I remember a color image in your Charlotte office a few years back.

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  3. kcrossle on said:

    I was fourteen – my mother had me excused from school and I took the train from Bath to Liverpool where I stayed at my aunt’s house. The next day I was driven to the course and spent the day in motor racing heaven. Just as at Silverstone, earlier in the year, Clark led the first lap by a straight… but this time there was no catching him.

    They who complain about the current one-marque domination and so-called lack of passing would have hated these races. I was enthralled.

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