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1965 Indy 500 race programme

They always do a nice job with the Indy 500 race programmes – and the 1965 edition, that of Jim Clark’s epic year, was no exception. I particularly liked the way they remembered Eddie Sachs, Dave MacDonald and Bobby Marshman. Here’s a sample of some of the contents:S3090005S3090011 S3090006 S3090010 S3090017 S3090018 S3090024 S3090023 S3090022 S3090021 S3090020 S3090019 S3090025 S3090026 S3090027 S3090028 S3090029 S3090030

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4 thoughts on “1965 Indy 500 race programme

  1. Wonderful to see this Peter – thanks so much for sharing, along with the magnificent photos!

  2. testy on said:

    I can assure you, the driver’s didn’t feel “Safer on the track than on the highway” during those days…….

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  4. They never give me these cool programmes at modern events! I want to know why Panta race fuel would be good for my Twingo.

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