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Lewis, Nico and a Montreal F1 walk

It’s always a pleasure to return to Montreal. The people are in the main courteous;  the city buzzes – and it’s a healthy walk to the circuit from your downtown hotel. I took my camera with me when I walked that walk last Saturday – qualifying day for the Canadian GP – and spent a little time not only on the places and buildings that over the years have come to mean something special but also on the matter of moment – the battle between Lewis and Nico. The following day, as we now know, the clash reached new heights of intensity


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5 thoughts on “Lewis, Nico and a Montreal F1 walk

  1. Larry on said:

    Brilliant commentary Peter,,,,,,,knowledgeable, insightful, and most of all entertaining ,,,,a great perspective. And what a great venue you chose, the walk to the circuit.
    What a great season we are having!! Keep up the great work…..

  2. Michael Rooke on said:

    Hi Peter, I’m temporarily in Montreal for about 4 weeks and missed the F1 race by a day, gutted. I’ve just been for a walk down to the harbour area and on the way back, saw the Hilton hotel and the old hotel (soon to be student accomodation) that you showed in your video, with all the historic meetings / deals struck. Nice to know all this and thanks for the video.

  3. Peter, in F1 racing magazine in March 2013, you wrote that it was the year for Lewis Hamilton to win the championship. It did not happen. It looks like it will happen this year though.

  4. Hmm. Nico looks very strong and seems to have the momentum. We’ll see.

  5. Rosberg is on a roll indeed but Hamilton will roar back I surmise.

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