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Elio and the Foro Italico

81_ITA_12It was a sad, sad day when we said goodbye to Elio, although the sun shone over Roma, zapping the stained glass of the cathedral with rainbow colours at all angles. A bit like Elio himself: one minute the elegant musician, the next the fluid racing driver.

An ever-changing artist.

The organ and the choir filled the morning; we sat in black, sobbing quietly but trying not to show it. At the end, after the blessing, a flock of doves burst from the high roof, peeling down towards the door. It was a message that somehow, like them, we needed to fly again.

I remember going straight afterwards to the Foro Italico to spend the rest of the day at the Italian Open tennis.  Elio, I thought, would have approved.

Today, remembering Elio, I again watched some of the Italian Open.

And there it was, on the ball-boy’s polo as he gave a towel to Rafa.  Auztralian.  Elio’s Auztralian.

It was his way of saying hi.

1985 BRAZILIAN GP. Elio de Angelis. Photo: LATphoto

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6 thoughts on “Elio and the Foro Italico

  1. Vicster on said:

    What kind words for a great man. It’s so sad to think that if only medical care could have been there immediately he would have been saved. RIP Elio.

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  3. Thanks. You’re right about the medical attention but of course the ultimate cause was the rear wing failure on the Brabham. Also don’t forget that the F1 drivers by then had been told that they were not allowed to have personal doctors at races or tests. That rule came into force in 1978.

  4. A stunning tribute. Thank you for sharing your memories with us.

  5. Lyall Pearce on said:

    It’s sad that other drivers that have died are forgotten in the hestira and hype that surrounds Ayrton Senna.

  6. Agreed. Thinking right now of my friend Scott Brayton, who was as good an oval driver as any I’ve seen.

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