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Memories of Montjuic

I used to love the Spanish Grands Prix at Montjuic, on the hill overlooking Barcelona.  It was as if the whole city engulfed the race – embraced the danger, swallowed the pain.  And then there was the sound of an over-rich DFV on over-run, crackling early in the morning, echoing between the trees, or a Matra V12, pushed to its screaming limit on the ultra-fast uphill sweepers. We’d sit in the shade in the paddock area as if it was just another race. Drivers sipped Cokes. Team owners looked fretful. Mechanics lit another gasper.

It wasn’t normal, though; this wasn’t just another venue. This was Montjuic.

This was street racing on the edge of a razor.

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5 thoughts on “Memories of Montjuic

  1. jimbo on said:

    Absolutely fascinating ! like that trip round the hotel in …
    Thanks for bringing back these times – such a good idea.
    And esprcially well done for managing that difficult lap without accident (or a ticket!).
    (Were you having a cup of tea as well as filming? who says only women can multi-task ?)

  2. Actually, there’s a nice helado stall near the old paddock – they sell water melon, too, so lots going on in the car!

  3. What a nice flowing circuit, looks fast as well! It’s a shame Tilke doesn’t copy old stuff: Montjuic or Monsanto, etc.. Think there are no intellectual rights involved there, plagiarism of this type would do F1 good instead of typical long straight+hard braking area+lot’s of chicanes and silly little turns formula for perfect taxi driving/VIP amusement on a Sunday afternoon.

    Yeah, I can see Montjuic was pretty awesome.

    Hope fake noise exhaust will take some of my disappointment with hybrid powerless units away as I can’t motivate myself to follow this dunno how you call it, don’t want to use bad language here.

    If IndyCar can sound amazing – and on some pretty amazing old school circuits – with basically the same technology, why can’t F1 do the same or they should’ve studied the matter more carefully before putting out silent racers.

  4. Hi Cyril – thanks for comments! All very salient.

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