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When to suck and when to blow

I’ve always wanted to use this title, if only because it was coined Pete Lyons, one of the great motor racing writers, for an Autosport article he once wrote about turbocharging (in the CanAm series, of which he was a specialist). Anyway, thanks to Renault Sport, we’ve got a chance here to understand a little more of what the 2014 turbocharged V6, ERS-H, ERS-K (phew!) F1 “power units” are all about. A big thanks also to my colleague, Craig Scarborough, for the explanations we’ve been able to add to these amazingly clear graphics.

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4 thoughts on “When to suck and when to blow

  1. Allen on said:

    Love the illustrations – great stuff!

  2. Excellent tutorial. I just posted a small piece on Force India’s new car and wondered out loud why the air box above the drivers head was carried over. Now I know. -jp-

  3. Rogers Brewer on said:

    Great title Peter, and an even better article in F1 racing. I’ve never read F1 racing before, but I am officially hooked. Awesome mag, with all encompassing points of view. I don’t know if everyone who reads will understand your comments and driving critiques, but I heard Rob’s voice through the entire article. Great piece. Awesome work. Keep it going while the season is off. I need to get my F1 fix!

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