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Happy New Year!

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13 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Hi Peter

    Wishing you and your family all the best for 2014. Your programmes have been great for the last couple of years (the flying lap and now the racers edge) and your blog posts from the past always give a great insight.

    Looking forward to more of the same in 2014.

    Kind regards
    (IfiwasbernieF1 –

  2. Hi Peter
    Very best wishes to you and your family for 2014.
    Your programmes (both the new and old one) have been brilliant and I continue to look forward to the blog posts too.
    Kind regards

  3. We’ll be certaily praying for Michael and his family over here in the colonies. Best of everything to you and yours this coming year. Thank you for all the information, insight, shared memories and passion that makes motorsport as a whole and F1 in particular infinitely more interesting.
    Dave Knipe
    Boston MA USA

  4. Many thanks – very kind. Best wishes to you for 2014.

  5. Thanks Dave, out in the colonies. Very best wishes to you.

  6. It was a one big flying lap for the Racer’s Edge in 2013! Looking forward to watching TRE again and reading all about F1 circa 1964, always a pleasure.

    F1 teams, take notice, send yer drivers/staff to TRE studio, tell us more, we want more.

    Schu rocks, world needs Schu.

  7. May all your cylinders fire during 2014.

  8. Steve W on said:

    Jim Clark’s 1964 season… Can’t wait!

    Happy New Year!

  9. Carlos Madero on said:

    Peter: I’ve been a fan since you were doing commentary on the now defunct Speed TV in the USA.
    Last week we were skiing with the family in Meribel, France, and on Sunday while having lunch in an Italian restaurant I overheard some loud Brits that were joking about things that came on their phones. One of them mentioned that Michael Schumacher was hurt on an accident skiing in Mirabel, but they seemed to take it as a joke…it was not until the evening when we reached our chalet that I was able to check the news and get an idea of the seriousness of the injuries sustained by Schummy. The rest of our days there were a constant reminder of Michael and his accident. I took a few pictures of the places where all of this took place, and I’ll be glad to share them with you.
    Hoping for the best for Michael, his family and Wishing you and all of the F1 community a Happy New Year.

  10. Hi Carlos = thanks for message. Very sorry to hear about those Brits. It reminds me of a sports story on the BBC a few years back, when they began a piece about Michael’s kart race at Kerpen with the phrase, “Now, for all you Michael Schumacher-haters out there, here’s some good news: he didn’t win his own kart event…” This is sometimes what happens when a sport grows beyond its natural borders. Nationalism – and ill-informed bias – replaces the energy of true enthusiasts.

  11. Carlos Madero on said:

    Peter: To be fair to them, they were joking about their own Tweeter feeds, and the Schummy news was mentioned at the same time, but there were no implications of hate or disrespect for Michael. A few of them were wearing Chelsea Football Club jerseys, so they might have been either fans or even players on a Sunday Ski outing…I’ve already sent you a longer response on your mail…
    A bientot,

  12. Deborah on said:

    Hi Peter – Happy New Year! Thank you for a wonderful year of your professionalism. I so enjoy reading your posts. Am currently listening to the great interview with Jarno Trulli, one of my faves. My prayers to Michael and his family. Am thinking positively, but am so worried.

    Cheers from Los Angeles!

  13. Many thanks Deborah – and a safe and prosperous New Year to you. Michael’s constantly in our thoughts – as is his family.

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