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2014: what the drivers will feel

There are a lot of unanswered questions out there when it comes to 2014. We can go on for as long as we like about the technical details but it’s difficult, at this point, to know exactly how it’s all going to settle. The teams aren’t sure, which means the drivers aren’t sure – which means that we, the fans, can’t be sure either.

We can but push, however, and to this end I sat down last week with Rob Wilson to talk about the driving fundamentals that may or not be relevant to 2014. We were joined on line by Tom McCullough, the very talented pit lane engineer who worked in IndyCar and then at WilliamsF1 before joining Sauber towards the end of 2012. Having helped to turn that team around mid-season, and secured some consistently strong results with the driver he first met at Williams – Nico Hulkenberg – Tom is now joining Nico at Sahara Force India for 2014. Here’s how the conversation went:

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3 thoughts on “2014: what the drivers will feel

  1. Peter Carton on said:

    I past your comments about Macau GP on to Nikki at PR Plus and her reply was …
    Yes, I’ve seen the show thanks. Live streaming has been on the table for a while now, but rightfully they don’t want to launch it until 100% sure it will work perfectly (the website gets so many millions of hits the bandwidth will have to be massive for live streaming). The live satellite feed is available FOC to any UK broadcaster who would like to take it (and Motors, Eurosport etc are aware of this), so there’s no lack of effort (or investment) on the side of Macau. Hopefully will get it sorted with BT Sport to go live this year.

    Live results have been available for years – PW needs to check his facts!

    I have the results site if you want it.



  2. Ahem. The facts, I’m afraid, are that the Macau GP was not shown live in the UK or livestreamed live globally. That was what I said and that is reality. Why the dispute? I share your hope that things will be improved for 2014 and beyond.

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