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The final race

I was fortunate to be able to spend a little time with Mark Webber as he prepared for his last F1 race – the Brazilian Grand Prix at Interlagos.  We met early on Friday morning, at the Grand Hyatt in Sao Paulo, and chatted together en route to the circuit.  Mark’s demeanour, I think, said it all:  he was happy with his decision to retire from F1;  equally, he is looking forward not only to some time off with family, friends and menagerie but also to a new challenge with Porsche in 2014.

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3 thoughts on “The final race

  1. I can understand Webber will be missed in F1 but let us not be too sombre. He has landed what has got to be one of the blue chip gigs in motorsport has he not with his Porsche drive? There is far more to motorsport than F1, indeed I often think many young drivers should consider other avenues as a fantastic career may await them. Dario Franchitti is one that springs to mind who could not have had a better life even if he had got into F1. And what is wrong with being a touring car champion? I for one am looking forward to following Porsches sportscar programme.
    I love Graig Scarborough’s drawings by the way!

  2. Much as I love F1, I have to whole-heartedly agree with Robert B. I love watching GP cars and the skill required to manage them seems less bound by artificial restriction. The labyrinthine world of F1 is becoming less and less about driver skill and more about “management”.Tires, pit stops, scrutineering and endless arcane rule changes, KERS and drag reduction “permissions” and other limitations on driver skill are killing F1. I am – and I almost feel like a heretic – I am drawn more to Indycar these days I think. There seems to be more actual dicing and racing especially as they allow the driver to decide when to use the push-to-pass….

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