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Racing in America

Last week being  US GP week – one of the biggest events on the F1 calendar, with a history going back to Sebring, 1959 – we ran a decidedly American-themed edition of The Racer’s Edge.  It begins in the UK with Jim Clark’s 1966 US GP-winning Lotus 43-BRM and it continues on to Austin Texas, where we looked at some of the elements of the latest US GP venue, at the positioning of F1 in the USA – and where we caught up with a Hollywood actor with more than a passing interest in F1.  Here are all four segments.  The show begins up near Liverpool, not far from Aintree, as it happens.


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2 thoughts on “Racing in America

  1. Love the sound of the old Lotus – the car actually says “Vroom-vroom!” Awesome! The best!

    Am a bit worried about the new engine formula for 2014, will find out the truth in Jerez (if they don’t cancel the January test). The switch from V10 to V8 was already a bit disappointing from my perspective, GP2 cars and F1 cars now produce more or less the same sound effect.

  2. Enthusiasts should be well pleased that the 43 is in the hands of someone like Andy Middlehurst, and personally Iam happy it has stayed in the UK and I can look forward to seeing it now and again at Lotus events.
    I have to confess Iam not sad about the prospects of F1 having to live on smaller budgets. I hope the FIA can respond with a simplified rule book that will help teams build simpler more cost effective cars. Cash starvation may be a blessing in the long term.

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