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From Modena to Monza

 I hope the show we’ve put together this week gives a little bit of a taste of what we’ve been up to over the past few days on our Italian roadtrip. I’d like to say a very big thankyou to Jonathan Giacobazzi, who achieved the almost-impossible with his laps of Brisighella in the Ferrari 312T4; to the organizers of the Trofeo Bandini; to Alpinestars, who are celebrating their 50th birthday this weekend; to Renault, for building the amazing Captur (the perfect family touring wagon even for the likes of Jack Windsor);  to Cory Pesaturo, who wrote music and then performed it, especially for this show;  and to Diego Merino and Rodrigo Camacho, both of whom helped with the photography.  

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5 thoughts on “From Modena to Monza

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  2. Another very enjoyable episode, I enjoy watching these programmes. No doubt you were contrasting in your mind the comfort of your modern mode of transport in your assessment with the older machinery in your garage! This point, together with a close look at the very impressive Alpine Star racers attire, and the relatively sparse look of Mr Ferraris analogue era office furniture, once again reminded me how very different the world is today from even the recent past. Many thanks!

  3. Plenty of Lusitanians living in Brisighella… judging by the many Portuguese flags in the video! Lovely.

    Tiago Monteiro trophy award? Someone could bring ’05 Jordan or maybe ’06 MF1/Spyker and do a few demo laps.

    I remember evoking R. Arnoux’s classic French accent from the post deidicated to GV event but Jonathan easily beats Rene with diz fantastic Italian English (so cool), I wish I could come close, and kudos for driving that car on the narrow medieval streets.

  4. Yes – it was something to remember. JG even received a congratulatory email from a senior Ferrari F1 man. Thanks for writing in.

  5. Thanks Robert – yes, plenty of contrasts to be seen last week. Interesting, I think, that the NEXT generation of drivers – the GP3/GP2/WSR boys – generally all seem to think that the current circuits/systems are too sanitised and characterless. I think many of them would have enjoyed Brisighella.

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