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See you there!

I’m delighted to be associated again this year with Grand Prix Tours, the California-based motor racing travel company that not only smooths your  logistics to race events around the world but also adds a certain passion for the sport we love.  Click the widget to the right and you will see at a glance the special packages they’ve created for this year’s menu.  I’m looking forward very much to hosting the extended trips around the British and Italian Grands Prix as well as special talks and interviews at the Spanish and Canadian Grands Prix.  If you know Barry Simpson, Cherry Cooper and Tessa Bollmann and the team behind these all-inclusive trips you know that you’ll be touching the heart and soul of Formula One from the minute you board your plane, regardless of your country of origin.   I hope to see you there.

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2 thoughts on “See you there!

  1. For those about to Grand Prix Tour, we salute you!

    Looking forward to more videos in 2013 and obviously new TFL episodes; we know Jerez is ready for F1 cars going at high speed but it’s not clear whether high-speed internet required to power online shows is ready for Jerez… we certainly hope so.

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