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“I love what they’ve done in Austin…”

Richard Cregan, former Toyota F1 Team Manager and now CEO of the amazing Yas Marina F1 complex in Abu Dhabi, was in relaxed mood when I spoke to him on the Monday after Kimi’s win.  We chatted, too, about a certain new track in Austin, Tx…

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5 thoughts on ““I love what they’ve done in Austin…”

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  4. Good career move for RC, as he says it’s interesting to see both sides of the story. It’s also extremely difficult for racing circuits to be profitable these days. If you look at Spain/Portugal, quite a few new tracks are struggling to survive, despite being top class (non-Tilke) racing facilities. Car presentations or testing, VIP events, etc., but if it keeps them alive – why not? Proper racing events is what really needed, better promotion, etc.

    AD this year was OK, looked decent even on TV. More of the same please.

    And I hope Austin won’t have a problem, unlike Houston… There was a lot of anticipation with Singapore or Valencia, lot’s of “Oh, My God, it’s the best” news stories. It takes some time for any event to establish itself or, in some cases, finish the building process.

    I personally don’t see why there’s a need for more tracks now, maybe renovating classic circuits is not such a bad idea, A1 Ring/Red Bull Ring – works just fine.

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    “I love what they’ve done in Austin…” Windsor spoke to Richard Cregan

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