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The Williams Grand Prix Collection

Who better than Jonathan Williams to guide us through the exquisite Williams Grand Prix Collection?


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6 thoughts on “The Williams Grand Prix Collection

  1. As ui tweeted Peter, i’ve been to the “Williams Collection ” many times over the years and always enjoyed my visits. These 6 videos are especially good though, the insight that johnathan brings to the collection is outstanding. if only he could guide every tour:)

  2. i watched all six. it was great to see those cars and learn about their stories, special features, development evolution. thanks a lot one more time.

  3. All I can say is I’m not where I want to be right now. And that’s Williams Grand Prix Collection!

  4. Just to expand a bit more: HHF’s 1997 car looks great, I was a big fan of his back in ’99 (not with Williams F1, I know but OK), he had some great races, also a few problems towards the end of the season. A classic driver. Even though his post-F1 activities weren’t hugely successful, I thought he did good with Opel in the DTM.

    1980’s machinery looks fantastic too, especially from that angle and with that lighting. The cars feel a lot more “alive” than nowadays, great colour schemes too. Drivers would probably prefer safer equipment they have in the 21st century…

    Hopefully, one day I’ll pay a visit to the museum. Enlightening stuff.

  5. Super Swede on said:

    GREAT videos Peter, many thanks for providing us with such a great material!

    /// “The Swede”.

  6. Many thanks – glad you enjoyed them. They were fun to make, too.

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