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Now THAT was fun!

Not so long ago, I was invited to drive 15 laps of Ricard in a Toyota V10 F1 car. Here’s a brief look at what transpired…

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7 thoughts on “Now THAT was fun!

  1. so happy for you Peter-congratulations! That was fun 🙂

  2. Congrats Peter, seems you did a good job – the guys were happy, you brought the car back in one piece, well done, I`m pleased for you!
    Oh, and thanks for all these great stories you share with us!

  3. Nice helmet design! Toyota’s F1 engine sounded good. I never understood why they didn’t do Renault and switch to supplying engines instead of running a full works team. At least TF1 now exists as Toyota Motorsport and they’re still doing interesting things.

  4. Peter, have a quick look at the nostalgia forum on autosports website,titled australian motor sport 50s to 70s,photos; someone has dug out great shots taken at surfers paradise,in the paddock area at the 1968 tasman round 5,practice/scruteneering,the cars (lotus 49t ,s) must be straight off the ship from new zealand,i cant believe how grimey they are,covered in brake dust etc,with the controversial, crudely applied, ducktape over the adverts, what a mess.what would John Players management be thinking,if they saw that,after signing up Chapman,Colin presumeably couldnt afford a car valet before scruteneering; I hope Geoff Sykes had you on hand to do the necessary by the time they got to Warwick Farm! cheers mate, thanks for the Toyota/ Ricard,youtube, you have a great website regards, ken.

  5. Thanks Ken. I couldn’t actually access those pics but I can tell you that the tape was probably because of the problems with CAMS at Surfers’. At very short notice they declared that the Gold Leaf sailor had to be covered due to arcane advertising laws (nothing to do specifically with tobacco). Jim Clark handled the “defence” virtually single-handed and was on the point of not racing when CAMS finally changed its mind. I can assure you that the 49Ts were immaculate when they raced in all four Australian events, although their post-Teretonga condition is another matter. Jim had a massive spin in the wet there, so the car would have looked a bit battle-scarred on the docks in Brisban

  6. Reblogged this on and commented:
    I’ve always wondered what it would be like to actually drive a Formula 1 car. Now I have massive respect for Peter Windsor as a journalist, and F1 fan-extraordinaire, and his experience behind the wheel of the Toyota makes you think.

    “I need to myself in one of those…”

  7. Thanks Davin – very kind. Unfortunately the lack of testing in F1 these days makes it much more difficult for the likes of you and me to to find teams prepared to give us some seat time – but never say never!

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